Describe a time you shared something with someone – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2

1. Các biến thể của Topic “Describe a time you shared something with someone“

Đối với đề Describe a time you shared something with someone thì có một biến thể như sau:

  • (1) Describe a time you helped a friend;

2. Dàn bài chung

Chúng ta sẽ học nói gộp đề bằng cách soạn 1 dàn bài chung cho tất cả những biến thể trên:

  • Who? – Người đó là ai?
  • What? – Bạn giúp họ cái gì hoặc chia sẻ thứ gì với họ?
  • When? – Gặp người đó khi nào hoặc giúp họ khi nào?
  • Why? – Tại sao lại giúp đỡ họ? Tại sao lại chia sẻ với họ?
  • How? – Họ hoặc điều đó làm bạn cảm thấy như thế nào?

3. Band 8 Sample

I love helping others and I believe that’s what brings us together. Therefore, I hardly hesitate whenever someone needs help because helping others is also helping ourselves.

I will take this opportunity to talk about a time when I shared my house with a new best friend. So, there was a time when my high school had a cultural exchange program, in which students from other countries would come to Vietnam to study. As a result, I met a student from the US. She was an adorable small girl with brown curly hair, and extremely friendly.

We soon became best friends and helped each other in our studies. However, at that time, she was staying with a host family and they suddenly decided to stop hosting because the mother couldn’t get used to having a new member in the house. She was under a lot of stress during that time, thinking that she would have to quit the program and go back to the US.

I couldn’t help seeing her like that, so I talked with my parents and we decided to be her new host family. We talked to our school administrator, who was taking care of the program, and quickly filled out all the necessary papers. When I told her the news, she was surprised and touched because she couldn’t believe that we would actually let her stay at our house.The day that she moved to our house, we organized a small welcome party for her. That was one of the best semesters for both of us, because we both loved having a sister and then it was like a dream came true.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. To hesitate (v): do dự
  2. Extremely friendly (adj): vô cùng thân thiện
  3. As a result: như một kết quả
  4. To get used to: quen với việc gì đó
  5. Under stress: gặp áp lực
  6. To be touched (v): cảm động
  7. A dream comes true: một giấc mơ trở thành sự thật


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