Describe your favorite clothes – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2

1. Các biến thể của Topic “Describe your favorite clothes

  • (1) Describe something you wore to a party;
  • (2) Describe a piece of clothing you bought from a trip;

2. Dàn bài chung

Chúng ta sẽ học nói gộp đề bằng cách soạn 1 dàn bài chung cho tất cả những biến thể trên:

  • What? – Đó là cái gì?
  • What does it look like? – Trông nó như thế nào?
  • When? – Bạn mặc nó khi nào? (cho đề Describe something you wore to a party) hoặc mua nó khi nào (cho đề Describe a piece of clothing you bought from a trip)
  • Why do you like it? – Tại sao bạn thích nó?

3. Band 8 Sample

I love and usually wear casual clothes because it’s comfortable and affordable. Therefore, I have a lot of basic T-shirts, blouses and trousers, but my most favorite clothing item would be my blazer. It’s a long black blazer, a shade that can go with any other color. I bought it on a trip to Paris as a self-gift, and it’s quite expensive compared to clothes I would normally buy. And I’ve been wearing it almost every day since then. 

The soft fabric of the blazer makes it easy to wear and is perfect for the weather in Vietnam. It is so versatile that I can easily wear it as an everyday item or even to a special occasion because it makes the whole outfit look more classy and stylish, even if I only wear a white shirt and a pair of jeans. I once wore it to my friend’s wedding, with a lapel pin as an accessory, and everyone complimented how it fit me so well, especially when they touched the blazer and realized how soft it was.Another reason why it’s my most favorite clothing item is because of its quality. I’ve actually had it for 2 years now, and the fabric still feels soft and comfortable. And because I’ve realized how versatile a blazer is, I’ve bought several other blazers in different color. But the black blazer will always be my all-time favorite, not only because of its quality but it also reminds me of my time in Paris.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Comfortable (adj): thoải mái
  2. Affordable (adj): vừa túi tiền
  3. A self-gift (n): quà cho bản thân
  4. Expensive (adj): đắt tiền
  5. Compared to: so sánh với
  6. Easy to wear: dễ mặc
  7. An everyday item: một món đồ hằng ngày
  8. A special occasion: dịp lễ đặc biệt
  9. Classy (adj): trang nhã
  10. Stylish (adj): hợp thời trang
  11. A lapel pin (n): pin cài áo
  12. To compliment (v): khen tặng
  13. Fit (adj): thích hợp, vừa vặn
  14. Versatile (adj): đa năng
  15. All-time favorite: vật thích nhất


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