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[Interviewer] Well,

this is a gorgeous way

to start a video.

Michael B. Jordan!

- Hey, up, man?

- [Interviewer] Popping into your workout

for a 73 question interview.

[Michael groans]

Let's do this.

- [Interviewer] Let's do this.

Okay, so what are you up to these days?

- Working, working out.

- [Interviewer] Yeah, whats'

the daily workout regimen?

- Cardio, doing some chest,

, tris, the whole body.

- [Interviewer] All right.

Can you show me the perfect punch?

- right, let's do this.

Right here, turn it over.

Bring it back, guard the face.

- [ ] All right,

can you show me the perfect sit up?

- Trying to make me work?

[Interviewer] Making you work.

There we go.

[Michael groans]

- [Interviewer] Including

this one right here,

approximately how many times has someone

made a reference to the

basketball player, Michael Jordan?

- Is what youre doing right now?

- [Interviewer] I'm doing that right now.

- Too many to count.

- [Interviewer] So just to clarify,

youre not related to Michael Jordan.

- No, I'm named after

dad, Michael A. Jordan.

- [Interviewer] Oh, so what

does the "B" stand for?

- Bakari, it's ,

it means noble promise.

- [Interviewer] Is there a

Michael C. Jordan in the future?

- Nah, not happening.

- [Interviewer] Okay, so what

do you have planned for today?

- Going downtown, check

some friends of mine.

- [Interviewer] Okay,

who's your best friend?

- Ooh, Sterling Brim, Chad

Easterling, , Bryce,

there's so many to

name, it's a lot of '.*%em.

- [Interviewer] Whos'

your celebrity crush?

- Don't have one.

- [Interviewer] Who's your hero?

- My dad.

- [Interviewer] Who's your -

favorite comic book character?

- Black Bolt, Inhumans.

- [Interviewer] How would

you describe yourself?

I think I'm pretty passionate.

- [Interviewer] What's the one thing

you really want to achieve?

World domination.

I really want to leave

my mark on this world.

- [Interviewer] It's Mrs. Jordan.

- Hey, what's up?

- Hey, how are you?

- Doing good, howre you doing?

- Good, , good, good to see you.

- [Interviewer] So what

do we have over here?

- Oh, it's grandmothers'

famous rum cakes.

Theyre amazing, youre'

taking one home, too.

- [Interviewer] Okay.

What's the outrageous

thing youve ever worn, Michael?

- What are you in, whats'

the most outrageous

thing Ive worn?

- Oh, I know right away,

it's that orange plaid suit

that you wore for someone.

- Yeah, I was trying

to take a fashion risk.

- [Interviewer] Can you describe

your mother in words?

- Mom, loving, []*%whispers]

embarrassing sometimes,

[normal voice] and

nurturing, very nurturing.

This for dad?

- [Mrs. Jordan] Please, take that to him.

- All right.

- [Interviewer] All right,

what's your

TV show of all time?

- Ooh, ""Martin", can't stop watching him.

- [Interviewer] Would

you nudity in a scene,

or use a body double?

- [whispering] Hey, my man, right there.

[ voice] Nudity,

of course, full nudity.

No body double.

- [Interviewer] Okay,

can you tell me something

about your father before we meet him?

- Don't look him right in the eyes.

- [Interviewer] .

- What's up, Pop?

- Hey, what's up, son?

- Good, good.

- How's it ?

- Yes, sir.

- [Interviewer] Mr. Jordan,

if you can ask your son a

question, what would ask?

- Describing me in three

words, what would they be?

- Three words, what would it ?

Strong, quiet, thinker.

- [Interviewer] And Michael, I heard

you have a secret handshake?

- [ ] Yeah.

Yeah, it's universal, it's not so secret.

- [Interviewer] All right.

What's the best trait

got from your parents?

- Oh, man, I think compassion.


- [Interviewer] All right,

what's favorite film?

- "".*%Rounders".

- [Interviewer] What's your favorite film

when you were growing up?

""Goonies", "Trading Places",

"Coming to America", "".*%Friday".

- [Interviewer] How old were you

when you first acting?

- About 12.

- [Interviewer] If not acting,

what would you be doing with your ?

- I think cooking, I love food.

- [Interviewer] All right,

do you have a hidden talent?

- Ironing? I like to

iron, I think that counts.

- [Interviewer] Hmm. Okay, so

on this giant over here,

- [Michael B. Jordan] Yeah.

- [Interviewer] Can you show for me

the coolest youve ever been?

- Coolest place, Cape Town, South Africa.

- [Interviewer] Okay,

and what's the location

that you'd love to go to?

- Oh man, I'm obsessed, Tokyo, Japan.

- [Interviewer] Nice.

Anime is the best.

- [Interviewer] So in

looking back at your life,

when was the most

youve ever been?

- Presenting, I think presenting awards,

sometimes teleprompters, it gets weird.

- [Interviewer] your dream co-star-?

- Oh man, Leonardo DiCaprio.

- [Interviewer] Whos'

easier to impersonate,

Sly Stallone Rocky, or

Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor?

- Sly, Rocky.

- [Interviewer] How many

punches did you

while filming ""?*%Creed"?

- Probably more than I

should, but a lot, a lot.

- [Interviewer] was it

like training for ""?*%Creed"?

- Intense. Hardest thing I ever had to do,

physically, anyway.

- [Interviewer] And what

was your first impression

of Mr. Stallone, anyway?

- The guy knows a

bit about everything.

I mean, he could tell you

like, who made the camera,

where's this wood from, the desk.

He just, the things that you

don't think he knows, he knows.

Like he's a little savant like that.

- [Interviewer] All

right, so what do we have

in this room here?

- [Michael B. Jordan] Oh, this is where

all the creativity happens.

A lot of , a lot of

writing, a lot of thinking.

- [Interviewer] Okay.

- Yeah.

- [Interviewer] Favorite

game of all time?

- "Call of Duty", hands down.

- [Interviewer] How does it feel

yourself in "NBA 2K17"?

- Surreal. I love that game.

I played it so much growing up a kid,

now I'm in it, it's insane.

- [Interviewer] Who's MVP this year?

- Oh, controversy,

that's a loaded question.

Kyrie Irving.

The situation is just set

up for him in that way, I think.

But he's a killer, you already know.

- [Interviewer] Okay. So

who's your actress?

- Meryl Streep.

- [Interviewer] And what's your favorite

performance of hers ever?

- " Becomes Her", it's a classic.

- [Interviewer] What's your

number one dating rule?

- Always pick up tab, at first anyway.

And then, she never touches a doorknob.

- [Interviewer] What

gets you really ?

- Music.

- [Interviewer] What ticks you off?

- Being hung up on.

- [Interviewer] are

you most nostalgic for

from the nineties?

- Nineties, nineties, nineties.

Homemade mix tapes.

[Interviewer] Favorite line

from anything youve worked on?

- Favorite line, "'"Where's Wallace?"

- [Interviewer] If could hire anyone

to make a doc about your

life, who would it be?

- Ryan Kugler.

- [Interviewer] What would the title be?

- "The Gift That Keeps On Giving".

- [Interviewer] Favorite ?

- Apple juice, you want one?

- [Interviewer] Yeah.

What's your favorite food?

- Oh man, tough.

Here you go.

- [Interviewer] Thanks.

- Mexican, Italian.

- [Interviewer] Okay. Whos'

someone really want to meet

but haven't had the chance?

- Malcolm Gladwell.

- [Interviewer] Whos'

the stylish person,

living or not living?

- Hmm, Prince, Pharrell.

- [Interviewer] What's a song

guaranteed get you dancing?

- Alicia Myers, "I Want To Thank You".

- [Interviewer] Can you

show me dance move?

There it is, there it is.

- It's the two-step-.

- [Interviewer] All right,

your favorite singer?

- Marvin Gaye.

- [Interviewer] Favorite novelist?

- James Baldwin.

- [Interviewer] artist?

- Hebru Brantley, Basquiat.

- [Interviewer] What's the craziest rumor

youve ever heard about yourself?

- That I don't date Black women.

- [Interviewer] If you

could have a superpower,

what would be?

- Control time, because then

technically you can teleport.

- [Interviewer] Who do you

want to in a movie?

- Action hero-slash-quantum physicist.

- [Interviewer] Who would you

want to play you in movie?

- Me.

- [Interviewer] Okay, and let's say a book

was written about you.

would you want to

write your biography?

- Me.

- [Interviewer] I know

you gotta get outta ,

but what can fans expect

from "Black Panther"?

- Oh man, I think its',

I think going to

be incredibly original,

exciting, action packed.

I really think it's a

movie you haven't seen

from Marvel just yet.

- [Interviewer] Can you give

a reaction to the following?

- Shoot.

[Interviewer] Okay, "The Wire".

- Baltimore, crab cakes.

- [Interviewer] Philadelphia.

- Cheese steaks.

- [ ] Fidget spinners.

- Video games.

- [Interviewer] Your sister.

- Mom number two.

- [Interviewer] Your .

- Extremely loyal.

- [Interviewer] New Jersey.

- Newark.

- [Interviewer] Your fellow

73 question alum, Zac ?

- Heartthrob?

- [Interviewer] Yes. Hell'

be flattered to hear that.

What's the most important

thing missing

in the world right now?

- I think the world is

missing a carbon tax.

[Interviewer] Michael,

it's your parents.

- [Mrs. Jordan] Michael.

- [Interviewer] Look who's back.

- Youre , here.

- Hey, thank you.

- It's your lunch.

- Thank you so much.

- Okay.

- All right, man, see you later, Pop.

- All right, take care.

- The perks of .

- [Interviewer] What's a cause or topic

that you want to share right now?

- Police in America.

- [Interviewer] What

charitable organizations

are close to your heart?

- Lupus LA.

[Interviewer] Whats'

something you learned recently

that blew your mind?

- You can't lick your elbows, impossible.

- [Interviewer] Thats'

not true, that's not true!

- Just go ahead and try it, man.

- [ ] No, Im'

not going to try right now,

because the last question's right here,

can I have honor

of saying that I have a

secret handshake with you?

- Yeah. All right, cool.

coming in?

- [Interviewer] Yep, yep, sure.

Cool. Thanks.

- All right, just work on that.

- [Interviewer] That

concludes our interview.

- Cool. All right, man.

- [Interviewer] Really

appreciate your time, .

- Thanks for coming through.

- [Interviewer] All right, take care.

- [Michael B. Jordan] All .

- [Interviewer] Thanks.



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