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[Interviewer] Emily Blunt!

- Hello Joe! Get out of here Sam.

- [Interviewer] Here we are

for 73 question interview.

- [Interviewer] Cant'

wait and first of all if

I may be blunt...

are you here on the Vogue floor?

- So, Anna is in Europe for the week

and asked me to take

over the offices for her.

- [Interviewer] Big shoes to fill.

- I . Come with me.

- [Interviewer] Do you like

living in New York City?

- I do, I it.

- [Interviewer] Okay,

where did you grow up?

- I grew up in London.

- [ ] What do

you miss most about England

when in America?

- The irreverence, probably.

- [Interviewer] What

you miss most about America

when in England?

- The enthusiasm.

- [Interviewer] Is there anything

New has over London?

- Pizza. Better Pizza.

- Emily, your Starbucks.

- Thank you, Jesse!

- welcome.

- Bit cold. Nevermind.

- [Interviewer] What's the

best part about being on set?

- , the camaraderie.

- [Interviewer] Would you

ever consider writing?

- Maybe.

- What about directing?

- .

- [Interviewer] Who's a

director you'd love to work with

but you haven't had the chance yet?

- Alfonso Cuaron, call me.

- [Interviewer] What do you

look for in a script these days?

I look for sophistication, intrigue,

surprise, nothing derivative.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the biggest misconception

about being actress?

- That we take longer in hair and makeup

than the boys. Not true.

- [ ] Can you

finish this sentence for me?

- Yes

- [Interviewer] Hollywood

of the future looks like:

- More hopeful.

- [Interviewer] Do you ever

re-watch your old films?

- I do not.

- ?

- Because Ill just pick them apart.

Did you see what I did here?

This is official this job is.

- [Interviewer] Those are

definitely official documents.

- I know.

What's the thing

youve ever done in your life?

- I went scuba diving with sharks.

- [Interviewer] Didn't

Efron do the same thing?

- No he didnt'.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

something you didn't expect


- That I'm really good at multitasking.

- [Interviewer] Can you

tell me your favorite joke?

- I don't like jokes.

In fact, I hate jokes.

So dont', let's not do them.

- [ ] Alright,

well knock, knock!

- No please, please, please, please.

- No, I mean the door.

Oh, the door.

- Flowers.

- Flowers!

- Oh, how nice!

- For me. Sort of romantic.

- Yeah.

- Lovely.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

a TV show you'd love

to make a cameo in?

- "Shark Tank."

- Oh, sharks.

- If you had a podcast--

- Sharks again!

- [Interviewer] you had a podcast,

what would it be about?

- Probably about home decorating

or something like .

- [Interviewer] Who would

you ask 73 questions to

if you had the chance?

- Oh, Keith .

Namely, how are you still alive...?

- [Interviewer] Okay, so

who sent these flowers?

- I know, but isn't this so


- Romantic, yeah.

- 'So many congratulations

on your new appointment,

love from mum.' Anyway, move on.

- [Interviewer] What

was your favorite scene

to shoot "The Devil Prada"?

- I like where I was

really, really, really sick.

- [Interviewer] Kay, what did you

about fashion from working on the film?

- Just be more fierce, and wild.

I learned from Patricia

Field, our costume designer.

- [Interviewer] On average, how many times

has your husband seen film?

- I would say a solid 23 times.

- [Interviewer] And speaking of John,

how have you guys been married for?

- Were married for eight years.

- [Interviewer] Is it true

cried at hearing you sing

for the first time?

- He did.

- [Interviewer] Is it true

unknowingly match made

at your own wedding?

- I did. I match made my

sister with Stanley ,

who wormed his way into the family.

- [Interviewer] Stanley Tucci

- isn't he just the best?

- He is the best guy.

- [Interviewer] Think of

goin' on a double date

with any living

or dead, who would it be?

- Oh, Rob Marshall and John Deluca.

- [Interviewer] You

John were amazing in

"A Quite Place."

It was terrifying.

What was your gut, immediate reaction

upon reading the title?

- Um, the title? I

thought, oh what a sweet,

sort of quiet , room-drama-.

I was wrong, so wrong.

- [Interviewer] In honoring

John's Boston roots,

can you tell something in

your thickest Boston accent?

- Oh, I'm going to butcher it.

Alright. Good for you

, with your wicked

awesome questions and your fancy

job and your Vogue offices.

- Is that a Damon!?

- I know right?

- Emily!

- Yes!

- [Woman] Theyre ready

for you in the .

- Yes, great.

- Favorite dish to cook?

- I love turkey lasagna.

- [Interviewer] What a favorite book

that you enjoyed recently?

- I love "Life After

Life" by Kate Atkinson.

[Interviewer] Historical

figure you'd love

to take tea with?

- Ella Fitzgerald.

- Where would you to have dinner

with Donatella tonight?

- Donatella?

- Yes.

- Chuck E. Cheese.

- She it.

- Okay.

- [Interviewer] First role you ever had?

- I was on stage with Dame

Dench - who's delightful -*%-

and I played her granddaughter.

- [Interviewer] Is it

true, you started

to help get over stuttering?

- I did, I had a severe stutter as a child

when I was in character

I tended to speak fluently.

- [Interviewer] Okay, and

if you weren't acting,

what would you have pursued in your life?

- I kind of wanted to be

a translator for UN

because I was quite good at Spanish.

Not anymore. But...

- [Interviewer] Okay,

what's the thing

youve ever had to do for a role?

- For a role, I had to learn

martial art called Krav Maga

for "Edge of Tomorrow."

Quite intense.

- Can you show me move from Krav Maga?

- Want me to show you a move?

- You can grab someone

the back of their head

and sort or knead them repeatedly

in the privates. Does some damage.

Michele, whatve we got?

- Some locations for our next shoot.

- Looks a bit dull, doesn't ?

Was it in... Where is this?

- Paris.

- Paris. Not so dull suddenly.

I'm gonna with this one,

this one, scrap the rest.

- [Interviewer] Are you a

morning person or a night ?

- I'm a morning person,

look at these pants--

- Wow, those are--

- Come on, why ?

- [Interviewer] Those are very red pants.

- Wow!

- Kittens or puppies?

- I will puppies '*%cause

I'm allergic to cats.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

your current obsession?

- Pinterest.

- [Interviewer] are

you pinning these days?

- I'm pinning light fixtures,

and wood paneled walls.

- [Interviewer] Who's

most impressive person

in the world?

- Oh, I cannot believe you just asked me

that .

- Why?

- Because it's just too difficult.

Hello, Talia. What do you got?

- What you think?

- Oh, no, boring, No color.

Now hang that up! Dont'

just fling it anywhere.

just kidding, I'm just kidding.

- [Interviewer] How do

you become Mary Poppins?

- Mary Poppins? You

practice your turn-out-, like this.


- Is that right?

- It's quite hard for

someone as as me.

- Oh see, this what people in fashion do.

They tend to sort of do like this.

- [Interviewer] With Mary

Poppins, how did you feel

on your first day of shooting?

- Terrified.

- [Interviewer] Did you watch

the original in preparation?

- I did not, so as

to get more terrified.

- [Interviewer] Now youre'

not on social media.

- I'm not.

- Why?

- Because I don't think

it's an organic fit for me.

I'm a bit of a dinosaur.

[Interviewer] Well if you

did have a Twitter account,

what would your handle be?

- What's a ?

- Emily?

- Yes?

- I have James Corden

on line one--

- Oh, no, no, no,

he can definitely wait.

- Who's your dream co-star-?

- Leonardo DiCaprio.

- Dream duet partner?

- partner? Louis Armstrong.

- Dream ensemble cast----

- Dream ensemble cast!

Okay, let's do it!

Benicio Toro, Dwayne

Johnson, Sienna Miller,

Emily Mortimer, Ryan Reynolds,

Blake Lively, Me. Cast it.

Let's do it. gonna be huge.

- That'd be huge!

- Yeah.

- [Interviewer] If your life was a

, what would the title be?

- Dance, who cares what you look like?

Ian, what do we ?

- Big question. Which belt?

- It's a tough call.

Theyre both so different.

I'm sorry who her ---- who asked her?

- [Interviewer] What's it gonna be, Emily?

- I'm gonna have to a friend here.

- [Interviewer] Okay, whats'

been the most rewarding trip

youve ever taken?

- Rewarding?

I would say Bhutan. Hiking through Bhutan.

- [Interviewer] What's a

country you wish to visit?

- would love to go to Brazil.

Hi Stan!

- Emily, what a surprise.

- I know. How you?

- Fine, thank you, fine, thank you.

- Good, I have a very

important question for .

Are you ready?

- Mm, yeah, go ahead.

- Which one?

- Mm, I don't really know.

You know, I really dont'

know too much about fashion.

I only played someone who did

and it completely fa----

it's fake, it was fake.

- Right.

You are very unstylish. Good bye.

- , blue?

- Oh no! Cerulean.

- [Interviewer] Best way to decompress.

- Don't miss out the cerulean.

Best way to decompress?

- Yep.

Best way to decompress, I

do transcendental meditation

everyday, although if had these shoes,

I would not need to do that because

they are happy making shoes.

- really are.

- [Interviewer] How do you

describe your personal style?

- I would say sort of

-, urban-ish-, kind of.

Who knows?

- [Interviewer] Whats'

something you don't go a day

without wearing?

Lip balm.

- [Interviewer] What's been

the most extravagant thing

youve ever worn?

- Probably some jewelry

that I didn't actually own.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

something that you wish

you really hadn't worn?

Oh, I don't think I looked very good

at the "Devil Wears Prada" premiere.

My dress was wrinkly

and it was a mistake.

- [Interviewer] Can you

name the best designer

who has ever ?

- Oh, McQueen!

- Good choice!

- McQueen, McQueen, do you think McQueen

would like me wear this hat,

with one of his dresses?

- Oh totally --*%---

It's equestrian chic.

- know, it's very British though,


- It looks good.

- [Interviewer] If you could

raid some closet,

who would it be?

- Blake Livelys'.

- [Interviewer] Must have beauty product?

- I Dior mascaras.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the best beauty advice

youve ever received?

- Get off that , stop tanning.

Ooh look, look, look, look.

- Tucci?

- Hi Anna.

- Anna!

- Emily, , how did it go today?

- It went wonderfully well. Thank you.

- Well I can't think anyone that

would be better for the part than you.

- Thank you, Anna. Is there anything

I can do for you?

- No, that's all.

- [whispering] Been waiting,

Ive been waiting that moment.

- [Interviewer] Alright

Emily, last question.

- Good.

- How do you think, this went?

- I think it went really well.

But next time, bore someone

else with your questions.

- [Interviewer] Yeah, but

I thought this was going----

- No, just kidding.

It's not even my . Bye!

- [Interviewer] Thanks, Emily!



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