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[Interviewer] Michael Kors.

- Hey, 73 Questions, come on in.

- [Interviewer] I'm gonna

get right into today.

I actually find you here

taking a day off of work.

- I mean, youve gotta

kidding, I'm not off today.

- [Interviewer] How do you usually relax?

- Go to the theater.

- [Interviewer] What's the first

thing you did this morning?

- I kissed my husband.

- [Interviewer]

what's this weird thing?

- Weird? Don't call this weird.

This is a beautiful sculpture.

I it in Paris at the flea market.

Come on, head into the kitchen with me.

- [Interviewer] '

your go-to breakfast?

- Iced tea, blackberries and a bialy.

- [Interviewer] What's your

favorite guilty pleasure

or midnight snack?

- Definitely a grilled cheese.

- [Interviewer] What is

something that I need to

about this kitchen?

- That no one ever cooks in it.

- [Interviewer] But its'

such nice kitchen.

Okay, Michael, how long have you been in

the fashion business for?

- Since 1981.

- [Interviewer] Do you

remember the first design

that you sold?

- A hand painted fringed

shoulder when I was 11.

- [Interviewer] What's your

favorite fabric to design with?

- Cashmere.

- Favorite to wear?

- Have an iced tea.

- Oh, thank you.

- Cotton.

- Cool.

What's best part about your job?

- The people I get to meet.

- [Interviewer] What's the

hardest about your job?

- The calendar.

- Oh, please, We all know

it's the calendar, sweetie.

- know, I know.

It's always the calendar.

- Hey, Lance.

- Did you feed the cats?

We did.

- And youre still reading

the paper?

- I know, I know.

- Well, get .

Finish it up.

- Ill finish it.

- We gotta get going.

- Ill let you guys

figure that out.

Alright, Michael, if you had

any superpower in the world,

what would it be?

Definitely flight.

- [Interviewer] What's something

you still like to learn?

- Patience.

- And your living

is gorgeous.

- Well, thank you so much.

- [Interviewer] What three

words are best to describe ?

- Airy, spacious, and comfortable.

- [Interviewer] How long

have you been living in

New York for?

- 41 years.

- [Interviewer] What's your favorite place

in New York City?

- Greenwich Village.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the best new restaurant

everyone should be going to?

- 4 Charles Prime.

- [ ] What is

the best thing about living

in this city?

- The people.

- [Interviewer] Wow, look this view.

What's the worst thing

about living in the city?

- The noise.

- If you living in

noisy New York City, where would you be?

- I'd be in the tropics barefoot.

[cell phone ringing]

Oh my god, the phone is always ringing.

- [Interviewer] What's the

most incredible

that youve ever had?

- Africa.

- [Interviewer] What

country's next on your list?

- New .

- Can you please reveal for me

the identity of the person

interrupting this interview?

- Oh, Bette Midler.

- Of course, Bette Midler.

- Hi Michael!

- Hey Bette, listen.

- How are ?

- I'm in the middle of

73 Questions with Vogue.

Do you wanna ask me a question?

- Okay, here's a question.

What are you going to come

as for Hulaween this year?

- was thinking this year

I wanna do something crazy.

Maybe kind of an earthy spaceman,

what do you of that?

- It's fabulous, but not as good as mine.

- Alright, I know, youre gonna it.

Listen, I love you, but I

gotta finish these questions.

Ill talk to you later.

- does she do it?

What's your most overused phrase?

- Too cheap.

- What's the last gift

that you gave a friend?

- Oh my god, earrings that

were Fran Drescher in The Nanny

we bought in Capri.

- [Interviewer] What is your

favorite piece in this room?

- Definitely the

that's over there, it's 1981.

It's the year I started my

business, and besides loving it,

it's [beep] the Moral Majority.

- [Interviewer] What excites

you most about fashion?

- Change.

- How would

describe fashion?

- The right thing at

the right time.

- [Interviewer] How would

you describe ?

- I think I'm serious and funny.

I think I'm compassionate and competitive.

- [Interviewer] How you

think youre perceived?

- Funny.

- What's the biggest

misconception about you?

- That I'm '

around in a private plane

with supermodels and actresses

eating caviar everyday.

- [Interviewer] Then what do

eat when youre hanging out

with supermodels and actresses?

- I don't know, but

they seem to want

french fries, not caviar.

- [Interviewer] Okay, so here we go.

True or false questions.

You designed your mothers'

wedding dress at the age of five.

- False, I remodeled it.

- [ ] True or

false, you were a child model.

- This is true.

- True or false,

youre classically trained pianist.

- That is totally false.

- True or false,

your design career started

out your mother's garage.

- False, it was actually her basement.

- [Interviewer] Is it true

you only wear black?

- No, false, false----

- 99% black.

- Alright, it's mostly

black, but, you know ?

Come to the closet, Im'

gonna show you and prove

it's not all black.

- Okay.

the first thing you

think of when you come home?

- My cats.

- Favorite film?

- .

- Favorite book?

- The latest biography.

- Favorite photographer?

- Irving Penn.

- Can you speak some

of these photographs on the wall?

- Well, these are some of my favorites.

I , this photo of my husband I love,

men who I think are chic and inspiring,

David Bowie The Carlyle, Mick Jagger,

I love all these amazing

people in my hallway.

- [Interviewer] Nice. Stars stripes?

- Definitely stripes.

- Heels or sneakers?

- Both.

- Kittens or puppies?

- Kittens.

- What's your most overused app?

- CNN.

- What's the wildest thing

youve ever done in entire life?

- Danced until 5:00 in the

morning in my underwear

in South Beach.

- Wow.

What do you consider to

be the epitome of class?

- Rising above.

- Who is the epitome class

according to you?

- Barack Obama.

- Favorite cocktail?

- Vodka on the Rocks.

- TV show right now?

- Mrs. Maisel.

- [Interviewer] Thats'

the same as Donatella.

- Come on and see the closet.

- I see black.

- I mean, give me a break.

- [Interviewer] ,

what's one item every woman

of every shape should

have in their closet?

- Pair of black that

make your ass look fabulous.

- [Interviewer] What, if

not fashion, would you love

to be with your life?

- I'd love to produce Broadway plays.

- [Interviewer] If you could

offer one of advice

to young designers out there

looking to launch a brand,

what would it be?

Know yourself and know your customer.

- [Interviewer] Speaking of

Donatella, she was nice enough

to offer some fashion advice.

What tip do you have for me?

- Well, you know what?

Everyone a little

glamour and I think you need

to try on some of my

favorite black aviators.

[Interviewer] I'm getting

free swag from Michael Kors.

- Automatic glamour.

- I love this job.

What something that should

be outlawed in fashion?

- Disposability.

- When does inspiration

usually strike?

- At time.

- [Interviewer] What do you

think legacy means in an

ever-changing fashion world?

- Style.

Color or form?

- Form.

- Pattern or texture?

- Texture.

- McCartney or Lennon?

- Lennon.

- [Interviewer] Out of all

the books on this bookshelf,

can you tell me which one's your favorite?

- Oh god, there's a lot of books.

I would probably say A

Wonderful Time, Slim Aarons.

[Interviewer] I love his work.

Michael, we gotta wind

this interview down.

Out of all the words

have been said in history,

what words are the wisest?

- It's time to make the doughnuts.

- [Interviewer] How many

seasons were you a judge

on Project Runway?

- 10 seasons.

- [Interviewer] your

favorite part about that show?

- The people I worked with.

- [Interviewer] Can you tell

something most people

don't know about that experience?

- Seven hours of filming,

20 minutes of air .

- [Interviewer] Ugh. Hey, cool gym.

How much you workin' out these days?

- Today, not all.

Youre my workout.

- [Interviewer] What are you

loving in life right now?

- I'm ' young activism.

- [Interviewer] Who is

currently blowing your mind?

- Hannah Gadsby.

- Where do you to see

the world in five years?

- In a more passionate, peaceful way.

- [Interviewer] last

question I have for you.

Michael Kors, whats'

your biggest pet peeve

in life right now?

- Running late.

- And we are very late.

- Were that late?

- Very, very, very late.

- Alright, we gotta go.

- [Interviewer] Let's get

outta here, 'kay, bye.



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