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Cloze Test



- Hello, hello.

- [Interviewer] Rosie!

I am here to ask you 73

Questions on your birthday.

Here's an unnecessary gift...

- Thank you.

- [Interviewer] What

did you do to celebrate?

- had dinner with friends.

And, on Saturday, I had big dance party.

- [Interviewer] How do you

start your days?

- I work out nearly every morning.

- [Interviewer] Well,

it's a beautiful morning

and... roses for Rosie.

There you go!

I see what you did there!

Tea or coffee?

- I'm a coffee girl, but

I do have the kettle on

for a cup of tea.

[Interviewer] Lovely.

And what time did you wake up?

- Usually between 5:00 and 7:00 AM.

[Interviewer] What's a

regular breakfast for you?

- This morning, I had three boiled eggs

for exactly minutes,

avocado on toast,

and apple cider vinegar and water.

- [Interviewer] What is the first thing

you thought of this morning?

- About my dream last night.

- [Interviewer] Can you tell me it?

- Yeah, I dreamt that I

was going to a spin class

for the first time

my feet wouldn't fit

in the pedals.

- [Interviewer] What makes you laugh?

- My son.

- [Interviewer] Rosie, how

long have you lived in LA?

- Give or take, seven years.

- [ ] Whats'

your favorite spot in LA?

- The beach.

- [Interviewer] Wheres'

the best cocktail in LA?

- Nobu Malibu at sunset.

- [Interviewer] Beautiful

home, by the way.

What would you say is

best part about living here?

- The sunshine and the easy LA lifestyle.

- [Interviewer] Where did grow up?

- Devon, England.

- [Interviewer] Would you

say you still live in the UK?

In my heart.

- [Interviewer] What's the

most British thing about you?

- My sense of humor what I find funny.

- [Interviewer] What are three words

to describe British people?

- Eccentric, , and real.

- [Interviewer] Nice.

What is the most American

phrase that youve ever heard?

- go girl!

- [Interviewer] Now, moving on to beauty.

What's been your favorite look?

- Recently, favorite look would be

a pink eyeshadow and a red

lip by Katie Jane Hughes.

- [Interviewer] your

philosophy about beauty?

- That beauty starts on the inside.

- [Interviewer] What's one

supermodel beauty

that youre willing to share with me?

- Sleep with a silk pillowcase.

- [Interviewer] Ok, !

What's your secret to a killer photograph?

- Perfect lighting.

- [Interviewer] What's your

must-have beauty ?

- SPF and lip liner.

- [Interviewer] What's your

go-to beauty look right now?

- Lots lashes.

- [Interviewer] Best facial?

- Shani Darden.

- [Interviewer] Blow dry or air dry?

Blow dry, always.

- [Interviewer] Matte or gloss?

- Matte.

- [Interviewer] Strong lip or strong ?

- Strong lip.

- [Interviewer] Favorite lip color?

- My own.

- [Interviewer] Ok.


- My baby.

- [Interviewer] Awh!

Who is your favorite solo artist?

- Frank , always.

- [Interviewer] Ok, what

do you have going on

right over here?

What is that?

- Nothing that you need

to know about just yet.

- [Interviewer] Best

concert youve ever been to?

- Oasis at Glastonbury in 2004.

- [Interviewer] And if you

had to pick one Gallagher,

who it be?

- Oh, that's quite a

controversial question.

I'd have to go with Noel.

- [ ] Best song

to sing in the shower?

- Anything by George Michael.

- [Interviewer] What is your

of the perfect date?

- Perfect date would be a

surprise planned spontaneously.

- [Interviewer] So, that's it takes?

- Yeah, just simple.

I'm not high maintenance.

- [Interviewer] Your

fiance is Jason .

What's a thing people

don't know about that guy?

- That he was a street corner con-man-

and an international high

diver for Great Britain

for 12 years.

- That is incredible.

- Ask if you dont'

believe me.

- [Interviewer] How did you guys meet?

- We met at party.

- [Interviewer] Are

there any habits of his

that youve picked up?

- Cockney rhyming .

- [Interviewer] Did he pick

up any habits from you?

- No.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the cockney term

that he's taught you?

- Pony.

- [Interviewer] Something

tells me that's not a ?

- Pony and trap.


- [Interviewer] Makes total sense.

What's the biggest misconception

the modeling industry?

- That we don't get along.

- [Interviewer] How would you

describe your personal ?

- On the go.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the most memorable show

that youve ever been a of?

- Versace Couture show or any

of the Victoria Secret shows.

- [Interviewer] Ok, most

fashionable character?

- Michelle Pfeiffer, Scarface.

- [Interviewer] Which person's closet

would you most like to raid?

- Elizabeth Taylor.

- [Interviewer] Who is

your favorite photographer?

- Helmut Newton because

he's most widely .

- [Interviewer] Favorite designer?

- Anthony Vaccarello.

Should we go outside?

- Yes!

- Tea?

- [Interviewer] Can't wait!

All time greatest clothing

purchase youve ever made?

- Anything by Azzedine Alaaï.

- [Interviewer] When have

you been the most proud?

- I would say right now in life.

[Interviewer] What's the best

thing about being a new mom?

- Best thing would be

the unconditional love.

- [Interviewer] What's the hardest thing

about being a new mom?

- The mom guilt.

- [ ] What's the last

gift that you gave your mom?

- Oh, she would absolutely

kill me if I you.

Kill me.

- [Interviewer] Ok,

that's really terrifying.

Alright, so youre having a dinner party.

What are guests going to expect?

- Good food.

Good wine.

Good flowers.

And, name .

- [Interviewer] Hope I'm invited.

It's tea time, and how

do you take your tea?

- with a dash of milk.

- [Interviewer] If you could offer advice

to your 15 year old

, what would it be?

- That it's all going to work out.

- [Interviewer] What's the

one youve learned

in your career as a model?

- That youre the boss.

- [Interviewer] Who the one person

that's blowing your mind right now?

- Emma Gonzalez.

- [Interviewer] Emma is .

- Tea?

- [Interviewer] Yes, thank you.

Thank you.

- [Interviewer] Now Ive heard you

that the modeling industry can be tough,

and that there's a lot

of sacrifice involved.

What you mean by that?

- I think that Ive always seen my work

as a career and a lifestyle.

- [Interviewer] If you

could change one thing

about the industry what would it be?

- More diversity.

- [Interviewer] What words do you live by?

- Life begins at the edge

your comfort zone.

- [Interviewer] How do you

describe your work ethic?

- Show up, be committed,

get shit done.

- [Interviewer] Now, as a top model,

youre used to doing poses.

So gonna try something new here.

- Ok.

- [Interviewer] Can you read

some random scenarios out loud

and interpret each of them as a pose?

- When three puppies dash into a room.

- [ ] Ok, great.

What's next?

What's next?

- When someone spills an

entire glass of Merlot on .

- [Interviewer] Oh, it's the worst.

What's the last one?

- When youre bumper to bumper traffic

for 73 minutes on the 405.

- [Interviewer] Living hell.

Ok, moving right along!

something few

people know about you?

- That I studied Japanese for five years.

- [Interviewer] Can tell

me something in Japanese?

- [Interviewer] What's something

youre not missing right now?

- 50 of baby weight.

- [Interviewer] Rosie,

I'm devastated to say this

but I gotta wrap this up.

Ive a plane to catch...

- Ok.

- [Interviewer] Most overused app?

- Slack to speak my team.

- [Interviewer] What's the

last country you visited?

- The UK.

- [Interviewer] What's

country you wish to visit?

- There's so many.

Vietnam, Laos, Peru, Iceland.

- [Interviewer] Where you

go on your last girl's trip?

- Ibiza.

- [Interviewer] Well,

I'm looking at a trip

to LAX right now...

How bad do you think the

traffic's going to be?

- It's LA. knows?


- [Interviewer] But I'm not

going to leave before I ask you,

possibly the important question.

Can you tell me what youre'

wearing to The Met Gala?

- Absolutely not.

have to wait and see.

- [Interviewer] Thought I'd try!

- Bye.

- [Interviewer] Ok! Thanks, !



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