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[Interviewer] Hey there,

I am here to see Gal.

- Hi.

- Where's Gal?

- Perfect, she's be right this way.

- [Interviewer] Let's go!

Here we are, Gal, "73 Questions".

- Hey, are you?

- Let's do it.


- Good to see you.

- Thank you very much,


- Good to see you.

- How have you been?

- [Interviewer] I'm so excited for .

- Me too, It's great.

- [Interviewer] Aw, man!

- Ive been waiting for you.

[Interviewer] This is gonna be good.

My first question, lets'

get it out of the way.

- .

- [Interviewer] How are

you feeling right now?

- I'm great, how are you?

- [Interviewer] good!

- Good!

- [Interviewer] I couldnt'

be better, I'm with you!

I'm catching you right

your "Vogue" cover style.

- I know.

- [Interviewer] Lucky me!

- Lucky me.

- [ ] And besides that,

what's and exciting thing

going on in life right now?

- I'm shooting a movie.

"Red Notice" with Dwayne

Johnson and Ryan Reynolds

and it's a lot of fun.

- [ ] Must be

funny being with those guys.

- Yes.

- [Interviewer] And is

there anything missing

life right now?

- Are you kidding me?

Look at us, no, everything is great.

- [ ] Pretty perfect.

Now how do you start most

mornings, when youre at home?

- I woke up, washed

my face and all that.

Then I always drink a

tablespoon of apple vinegar,

water and .

And workout.

- [Interviewer] Okay, and how often

are you getting back to Israel?

- often as I can, but not enough.

Not often enough.

- [Interviewer] What do

you miss most Israel?

- My family, my friends.

- [Interviewer] Well I

thought you'd miss these,

that's why brought them to you.

- Oh wow, where'd you get this?

- [Interviewer] I have my ways.

- Oh my God it's Israeli chocolate.

Thank you so much, Ill share.

- [Interviewer] Make you at home

a little bit right now.

All right, so Israel is up

there on my places go.

What should I do when I go?

One thing, what's the one thing?

- One you should do in Israel,

you should go to Tel Aviv and

go to a restaurant on beach.

There's so many and theyre all great.

- [Interviewer] And whats'

unique about Israeli culture?

It's like one big melting pot.

With people from so many different places

and different cultures and .

- [Interviewer] And when you go home,

what food is waiting for you on the table?

I love Shakshuka on a Saturday morning.

It's delicious, it's like tomatoes with

garlic and eggs and

cheese it's delicious.

- [Interviewer] That sounds so good.

Now what's the secret to

fighting jet lag you travel?

- Drink loads of water.

And I guess just be out

in the sun, vitamin .

- [Interviewer] How many

languages can you speak?

- Two.

- [Interviewer] Okay, can

you teach some Hebrew?

- Sure.

- [Interviewer] Let's do it.

- Can you say sababa?

- [ ] Sababa.

- Nice, yes, sababa is cool.

- [Interviewer] Cool.

- Awesome.

- [Interviewer] All ,

well my next question was

can you teach me a slang word?

But I guess that may it.

What else?

- What else?

Say yalla, It's a really easy one.

- [Interviewer] .

- Yeah, it's like in Hebrew and Arabic

it means let's go, let's do it.

- [ ] Okay and what's a

tongue twister in Hebrew

that you can share with me?

Come on.

Salla shalla shir samehach',

shir samehach shalla Salla.

Now you go.

- [Interviewer] Shalla salla shalla.

- Almost, good enough, good enough.

Oh theyre ready for us.

- Okay.

- Do you wanna do the fittings?

- [Interviewer] Let's do the fittings.

- Let's go, yalla.

- [Interviewer] Yalla, .

Gal, what's your favorite sport?

- Basketball, dodge ball.

I love dodge ball.

- [Interviewer] board game?

- Definitely Rummikub.

- [Interviewer] What was

your immediate reaction when

you were approached

the role of Wonder Woman?

- Ah!

- [Interviewer] And as you know,

it did pretty in the

Box Office, not too shabby.

- I know.

- How did that feel?

- Oh God it was amazing, incredible.

- [Interviewer] Now let

me fan off for a second by

saying the trailer

for "Wonder Woman 1984",

made be scream, just like you.

- Ah!

- [Interviewer]

inside info can you tell

me about that movie?

Give me something good.

- You know cant'.

- Gal, Gal!

- You know I cant'.

Youre gotta just wait a little bit longer

before you go see the movie.

- [Interviewer] Don't disappoint me, Gal.

Don't disappoint me.

All , so what do

you want audiences to

take away from that film?

- First of all I them

to just enjoy the movie,

and maybe think about the

narrative of the movie afterwards.

- [ ] Did

immersing yourself in the

80's make you more or less

nostalgic for the past?

- More.

- [Interviewer] Everyone loves the 80's.

- Exactly, it's such a great decade.

- [Interviewer] What traits

a character need to

have in order for you to portray them?

- It's not so much the traits

as much as it's about the context.

- [Interviewer] Hm.

- Yeah.

- [ ] And

when do you know a part

is perfect for you?

- When I love the script,

I love the film-maker and Im'

intrigued by the character.

- [Interviewer] Okay there's a bank heist.


- [Interviewer] Who'd be your

partner in crime, who is it?

- My husband, definitely, Yaron.

- [Interviewer] Okay theres'

good new or bad news,

who's the person you first call?

- My and my mother.

- [Interviewer] Okay,

what's the weirdest thing

youve ever read about yourself?

- I look like a broom.

- [Interviewer] You do

not look like a broom.

- Thank you, appreciate that.

- [Interviewer] I'm here to validate the

fact that I do not see you as broom.

- Thank you.

- [Interviewer] What's the

best book youve read recently?

- "All The ", by Dorit Rabinyan.

- [Interviewer] What's a song

that you can't stop singing?

♙� If you don't see me ♪*%��

- [Interviewer] Dua Lipa, Dua Lipa!

- Dua Lipa.

- [Interviewer] Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa.

- [Interviewer] What's the

best date night spot in LA?

- I can't tell you '*%

then everyone will go there.

- [Interviewer] Yeah you have

that effect on people, huh?

- Aw.

- [Interviewer] Best movie

to watch with your kids?

- Mary Poppins.

- [Interviewer] Where do

you to get inspired?

- I love going to the museums.

I know it sounds old but

I good exhibitions,

I would go anywhere.

- [Interviewer] What's the

best vacation youve ever had?

- Maldives, the Maldives

- [Interviewer] Ive'

always wanted to go there.

- Ah, you should!

- [ ] Okay.

- Gorgeous, ladies!

- Hello.

- [Gal] Hello, how are you?

- Hi, welcome.

- [Interviewer] All

right, Gal, rapid fire.

- All right, yes.

- We gotta get through this.

Yes, yes

- [Interviewer] Cmon let's do it.

Rapid fire,

- Hit me.

- [Interviewer] Give

to me, give it to me!

- Yes, give it to me!

- Bold brow or bold lip?

- Bold lip.

- [Interviewer] Pedicure or manicure?

- Pedicure.

- [Interviewer] Hepburn or Monroe?


- [Interviewer] Favorite denim color?

- Blue.

- [Interviewer] Favorite

shade of lipstick?

- .

- [Interviewer] Now

slow down for this one.

When do you feel most beautiful?

- When rested.

- [Interviewer] When do

you feel most fulfilled?

- When I'm having quality

time with my .

- [Interviewer] All

right, so we have a lot of

beautiful, beautiful wardrobe here.

- I .

- [Interviewer] This is so nice.

And what are you drawn

to in choosing a look?

First of all, I want

it to look stunning.

But then also young and

cool and comfortable.

much as it could be.

- [Interviewer] What's a

color that you gravitate to?

- Oh so , blue, red,

white, black, burgundy.

I mean, all the colors are great.

- [Interviewer] And

what's the elaborate

Wonder Woman cosplay that youve seen?

- There's a guy, I think he's in Brazil,

his name is Wonder Beera.

Check him out.

- [Interviewer] I will.

All right, gotta ask

about your husband.

- Yes.

- [Interviewer] What is

this interview without

asking about your husband?

- Exactly,

♙� love, love, love. ♪*%��

- [Interviewer] How did

you and your husband meet?

We met at a party in

the desert in Israel.

- [Interviewer] And who liked who first?

He would say I liked him first,

but I'd rather say he liked me first.

- [Interviewer] '

gonna resolve that debate?

- I know, right?

- Yeah.

- Me.

- [Interviewer] What was first date?

- We went to a nice bar in Tel Aviv.

- [Interviewer] When did you

that you wanted to marry him?

- He actually told me

on our second date that

gonna propose in two years.

And he did.

- [Interviewer] How did you react to that?

I was 21, I was pretty cool.

Now that I think about it, it's crazy

but I both of us

knew it was meant to be.

- [Interviewer] That's really sweet.

Now when youre on the same schedule,

how do you like to spend

your time together?

- Just be together.

Whether it's just us going

out with just each other

or friends or just being

home with great

and wine and food and just that.

- That's nice.

- Simple.

- [Interviewer] What

would husband say

is your best quality?

- That I can be very silly.

- [Interviewer] What your kids say

is your best quality?

- That and maybe that I'm very positive.

- [ ] You are.

You are.

- Thank you.

- [Interviewer] And motherhood.

- Yes.

- [Interviewer] at that, motherhood,

what was the most surprising

part about becoming a mother?

- How much one love and also

how much I can do when being so exhausted.

- [Interviewer] Yeah.

And something that your kids do

that really makes you laugh.

- Perform.

Like when they start sing and dance and

do performances together,

that's when it cracks me up.

- All right.

- .

- [Interviewer] And what's one trait you

wanna pass onto your kids?

- That theyre limitless

they can do whatever they

wanna do with their lives.

- [Interviewer] And

what's something from your

childhood that you wanna

replicate for your daughters?

- Simplicity.

- [Woman] We definitely need more time.

- Gal, we need 10 more minutes.

- 10 minutes, okay.

We have time, do you wanna over there?

- [Interviewer] Let's do it, all right.

- Call me when you need me.

[Interviewer] Sky

diving or scuba diving?

- Neither.

- [Interviewer] No.

- I know, no.

[Interviewer] You are

such a scuba dive type.

- Yeah I tried that I get too...

Yeah not for me.

- [Interviewer] Early bird or night owl?

- After you.

Definitely early bird.

- [Interviewer] Okay

and Batman or Superman?

- Batman.

- [Interviewer] What would

you tell your biggest

if they met you?

- Thank you.

- [Interviewer] And

what's your favorite part

of shows?

- Just being there, seeing everybody.

So many creative,

talented, brilliant people.

- [Interviewer] Is any director that

youre dying to work with?

- Spielberg.

- [Interviewer] You hear that, Spielberg?

- Did you hear it?

- [Interviewer] Did you hear that?

You gotta say it a little for him.

- Steven.

- [Interviewer] Who's the funniest person

youve ever been on set with?

- Oh my God I can't answer that.

- [Interviewer] Yeah?

- I'm lucky.

- You .

- Ive had a bunch of people

that were really fun to work with.

- [Interviewer] What

should we all be

paying attention to right now?

- Alma Halil.

- [Interviewer] Prior to ,

what were you doing in life?

- I studied law.

- [Interviewer] Okay.

- Yeah.

- [Interviewer] Yeah and what kind of law

did you wanna practice?

- I didn't quite figure

out yet, back then.

But, you know, life happened.

- [Interviewer] Do you remember

your first movie ?

- Yes it was for Bond,

for one of the Bond movies

and I didn't get the .

- [Interviewer] It's their loss.

It's their loss.

Now youre a champion

for women everywhere,

a mantra you want all

women to have for themselves?

- It's not just for women, it's everybody.

Just love yourself and

be kind to yourself.

Cheesy but true.

- [Interviewer] Yeah.

And what you want the film industry to

look like for women in a decade?

- I would love see more

female writers and film-makers-.

- [Interviewer] Why is

it so important for you

to pick characters

like Wonder Woman

and now, Hedy Lamarr.

- I guess I like strong characters.

I know, yeah.

- [Interviewer] Now

youve recently started

your own production company.

- Right.

- [ ] What was

the motivation for that?

- To be able to tell

stories that I'm truly,

truly about.

- [Interviewer] And what

story would you love

to seen be made into a film?

Lisa Howard.

- [Interviewer] Hm.

- If you don't know about

her and you probably dont',


- I will google her.

- Google her.

- [Interviewer] I will Google her.

If you time travel to the past,

- Yes.

- [Interviewer] Who's one person

you would have to speak ?

- Hedy Lamarr.

- [Interviewer] And what

would you say to Hedy?

- I would say, is

it on the other side?

How are you?

- [Interviewer] All right, Gal.

- Yes.

- [Interviewer] I don't know

how to say heart-broken in

Hebrew, but----

- Shavulev.

- [Interviewer] ,

I'm shavulev right now,

because this is the last question.

Question number 73.

- Yes.

[Interviewer] Can you

please once and for all

resolve the debate on how

to pronounce your last name.

I have $10 on this with a friend.

- It's very simple, Gal Gadot.

- [Interviewer] One

time just for clarity.

- Gal Gadot.

- [Interviewer] All right, Gal Gadot.

This was great you so much.

- Thank you!

- [Interviewer] All right.



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