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Culinary skills aren't my strong suit.

[egg cracking]


Woo. This is hard.

[upbeat music]

Vogue, I'm Priyanka

and today I'm going to be serving you

a three course brunch.

The course is

going to be an aperitif,

which comprises of a bloody Maria.

And then were going

move on to an amuse bouche,

a cereal spectacular.

And then last, but not the least

Chopra family tradition

from when I was a child,

my dad used to make this every Sunday,

good old stuffed omelet.

Stuff it with anything you want.

So for a good bloody Maria

you need lots of ice,

salt, pepper, a little bit of lemon juice,

garnish, worcestershire sauce,

the ingredient.

It's probably in my bag.

[light rustling]

You know,

never leave home without her, sauce.

As much as you'd like

and obviously, tomato

juice and whatever tequila

you like.

my husbands'.

All right I'm going to take the mixer,

put a little ice in it.

[ice ]

The tequila.

So I love a good bloody Maria,

of course it can be a bloody too but,

when I got married, I heard

in the whispers of the Jonas family

that something

called, "The hair of a dog".

I'm not American, I didnt'

know what that meant.

I the answer,

it's a bloody Maria.

Thats', "The hair of a dog".

Were going to go put in some salt,



lime is integral for bloody Maria.


Worcestershire .

Tabasco, please be careful

with how much you put in,

I like it rather spicy,

so happy with

[cheerful music]

a lot.


[ice clattering]

we shake.

Oh boy.


[drink cascading]

Nick's gotten really good at

chili. I think he always

liked spicy foods.

See, that's better.

That's so pretty.

That's great.

She's so strong.


All right.

Now that I have this,

I have the courage to get

onto the serious cooking,

I'm not who can cook.

I'm going to attempt it today.

So for the amuse bouche,

my cereal spectacular,

were going to need a base cereal,

flash of spectacular cereal

and whatever choice of milk

you like, this is a 2%.

Oh yes, I might need a bowl

and maybe a spoon?

[ clattering]

I usually like to have a

little bit of a sweeter,

spectacular flair.

This is honey nut crunchy cereal,

which I'm going to put inside right now.

[cereal clattering]

Just for flair.

As you can see, the ratio of

cereal to cereal is crucial.

I just have my cereal on top.

And we go in there.

And this is your

cereal spectacular,

ladies gentlemen.

She good.


Oh my God.

I don't know about this and a

bloody together though.

So now were going to

have our main course,

which is a stuffed omelet.

breakfast is my favorite,

I love a good paratha,

I love a



eggs I think are universally

the best breakfast thing.

So the ingredients that you will need are,


I'm going to stuff it with sausages,

mushrooms, whatever

kind of chili you like,

depending your palate.

Cheese, again whatever

kind of cheese you'd like,

mine's pepper jack,

Butter, 'cause the

omelets are made with butter.


The milk. Did I say salt and pepper?

Salt and .

And of course you could go with toast,

but I like a little tamarind

chutney on my .

And you can also use

sambal with your eggs.


So let's get started

with this task.

I have a very, very discerning palette.

I like all kinds of food, but

I'm just good at doing it.

Like culinary skills

aren't my strong suit,

let's just put it that way.

[egg cracking]



Didn't get on Moschino.

Good, good, good.


[egg cracking]

[loud whisking]

And then were going to,

were going to fluff the eggs.


Fluffing eggs.

I think my dad grew up

in a conservative family

and saw a lot of the having to

always feel like they

needed to be in the kitchen

and it was like societal ,

so he did not want me

to grow up like that.

So he discouraged it, he would like,

"What are you doing in

the kitchen? You dont'...

Come, come here, come here".

So just never learnt it.

Thanks dad.

Oh, it's fine.

It was novel.

I think fluffy are awesome with


[quietly whisking]

Bit of salt and pepper I think.

If I more, I can add it afterwards.

My gosh, these big knives are so scary.

Ive definitely not using knives

for this purpose


This is a show called, "",*%Citadel",

and I play...


Nothing happened, it's fine.

A super spy.


[intense music]

Knives have a very

meaning on that show.

Okay, now were going to

cook our lovely sausage.

Trying do as elegantly

possible, roll off.




It's making noise.

Okay, what am I doing

these burnt sausages?

I am putting in the mushroom.

Fry that.

So what were going to about flavor

will be

the chilies,

which will give it like

a crisp crunch for

who are not of faint heart.

Oh, our daughter is a foodie, thank God.

You know, we her

with us wherever she goes

and she eats whatever we eat.

So she loves lamb chops,

she's had Korean barbecue, she eats

Indian food. She needs

a variety in her food

and if give her grilled

chicken and steamed veggies,

she won't eat it.


I feel like I ready for eggs.

Let them kind of live together.

And this is the only thing that I

feel competent doing in the kitchen.

So suddenly my confidence came on.


I think it's to put in

the cheese as your garnish,

however much you want.

And chilies, 'cause I like spice.

Woo! This is hard.


She's just...

Oh my gosh. Okay.

She was dismembered for a second

but we put her back together.

I'm very proud of this

stuffed .

All right I'm going to get toast.

Look at this beautiful brioche.




clouds of flavor.

[light scraping]

Slather that beauty on.



tamarind chutney is very

southern Indian flavor,

it adds like a


sweet and sour

sort of punch

your bread. There's something about

sweet and salty

and chili and sweet that

is really yummy me.

So that's why, because weve used chilies,

were going to use a

little tamarind chutney.



Then we are going to

take our beautiful omelet,

place it,

[light scraping]

hopefully prettily


over this toast.

Sambal for flavor, if

somebody would like it.

A little .

That's our entree.



[ice clattering]

It's a little watered down, but you ,

still standing strong.

Now let's get into this

beautiful omelet

with the brioche.


is it stuffed.



That's really good.

Okay I can't not cook.


survive. This is really good.

Mm-hm-. We didn't burn the place down, yay.

All right, now off to a premiere.

That was yummy.



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