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Cloze Test



[Interviewer] Tavi, hey.

- Hi.

- [Interviewer] I'm here

to ask 73 questions.

- I know.

- [Interviewer] All

right, let's get into it.

Can you tell us where we are?

- Just of "*%Gossip

Girl," if you wanna come in.

- [Interviewer] Let's do it.

What's the best thing

being back on set?

- Being around people.

- [Interviewer] What do

you do in between takes?

- Apologize for literally anything.

- [Interviewer] What's the strangest way

youve seen yourself described in print?

- Pint-sized-.

- [Interviewer] Do you know where you fall

on the chaotic-neutral chart?

- Probably cool and beautiful.

- [Interviewer] What's the most

surprised youve ever been?

- [Interviewer] When I

woke during jaw surgery.

- [Interviewer] What's the

most important vintage piece

that you ever bought?

- -, this vintage Prada skirt on eBay.

- [Interviewer] Very nice.

What's the strongest reaction

youve had to fashion show?

- A lot of Rodarte shows have made me cry.

- [Interviewer] What was your

on getting dressed when you were 11?

- More is more.

- [Interviewer] What's your philosophy

on getting dressed today?

- Enough is more.

- [Interviewer] Okay, that's good.

How do you to

put an outfit together?

- [Tavi] Choose one thing

that I'm excited about

and go from .

- [Interviewer] You were only

11 when you started your blog.

How did you come up with

name Style Rookie?

- I read fashion blogs with names

like Style Bubble, Fashion

Robot, Fashion Pirate.

So I just kind of copied that construction

and was like, I dont'

know anything, so rookie.

[Interviewer] You wrote

about wearing bags as hats

and hangers as necklaces.

What's the most absurd object

used for an outfit?

- Coat hanger as a necklace

was a lot and dangerous,

but I like a lot of tights as belts.

- [Interviewer] What was

the moment that you knew

there no turning back?

- Birth.

- [Interviewer] What

was the most beautiful

piece of fan mail you ever got?

- I actually have it right here.

It's a jacket inspired by the book

"The Secret History" by Donna Tartt

and this woman Stephanie made it for me

because she knew loved the book.

It's crazy, like, she made all of this

and her website is


[Interviewer] It's really cool.

Now, you were 15 when you started

the online teen magazine "."*%Rookie."

your favorite article

that was ever posted on the site?

- How to structure your

days if depressed.

- [Interviewer] And what

was your favorite piece

that you wrote?

- It was really , but my goodbye letter

I'm probably proudest of.

- [Interviewer] What is the

worst thing about the ?

- Rampant misinformation.

- [Interviewer] What's the best?

- My community of flat Earthers.

- [ ] What was

the most surprising thing

about editing a magazine?

- That I could do it.

[Interviewer] What does

the world need to know

about teenage girls?

- Leave them alone.

- [ ] What

independent publications

would you recommend to

former "Rookie" readers?

- "Polyester Zine," "-,"*%gal-dem-,"

"Another Gaze" journal.

- [Interviewer] Now Tavi, do

you still write every day?

- I try to.

- [Interviewer] What your

go-to cure for writer's block?

- Write it as an email to a friend.

- [Woman Mask] Oh, we need

you on set in 49 questions.

- [Tavi] Oh, sure, yeah.

- [Interviewer] do you

keep your phone next to you

while youre working?

- No, I lock it in case safe.

- [Interviewer] And what

question keeps you up all night?

- Have I been building house of cards?

And I don't mean a hit Netflix show.

- [Interviewer] And

what was the play

that you were ever in?

- "."*%Oliver."

- [Interviewer] I love "."*%Oliver."

And who you play in ""?*%Oliver"?

- An orphan/Fagin's boy. I was eight.

- [Interviewer] Ah, buzzsaw.

What your favorite musical as a kid?

- "."*%Wicked."

- [Interviewer] And whats'

your dream role in a ?

- Saint Joan.

- [Interviewer] Can

you do one of the lines

for me right now?

- Life is like a box of chocolates.

- [Interviewer] Now, Broadways'

been closed for a year.

the best thing people can do

to support the theater right now?

- Donate to The Actors .

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the biggest difference

between performing in a

theater versus on camera?

- Cameras your soul.

- [Interviewer] What's the craziest

stage door experience youve had?

- I did the "This Is Our Youth,"

which has literally three people in it,

and I was signing

"Playbills" at stage door

and I reached for one womans'

and she was like, "Um, no."

- [Interviewer] What's movie

that every teenage girl should watch?

- "Teenage" by Matt Wolf. And

now were at the school.

- [Interviewer] And what

would the one-act play

about your life thus far be called?

",Fleabag," and it is all plagiarized.

- [Interviewer] What would you be

if you had a different ?

- A stage mom.

- [Interviewer] A lot about

the show is under wraps,

but are Gossip Girl?

- [Tavi] Mm.

- [Interviewer] What can you

tell me about your character?

- ambitious and looks like me.

- [Interviewer] So if shes'

not Gossip Girl, who is?

- There's chance any

of them are Gossip Girl.

- [Interviewer] Would you rather have

Blair or Serena's closet?

- Blair.

- [Interviewer] What can you say

will be different about

this "Gossip Girl"?

- children have Instagram.

- [Interviewer] How has your life changed

since the show started?

- I no longer sign emails xoxo.

- [Interviewer] Who would you say

is the real-life Gossip Girl?

Mark Zuckerberg.

- [Interviewer] And whats'

your favorite quote?

- [Tavi] Get informed, inspired,

in touch, and .

- [Interviewer] Music or

podcasts when youre on a walk?

- Primal screaming.

- [Interviewer] What's best thing

about living in New York?

- Theater.

- [Interviewer] Okay, now what New Yorker,

real or fictional, would you most like

to spend the day with?

- Fran Lebowitz.

- [ ] And what would you do?

- Try to get her to like me.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the misconception

about New York?

- That the people are mean.

- [Interviewer] How would you

describe true new Yorker?

- Would not dare. They would hate that.

- [Interviewer] Has acting

made you better writer?

- Yeah.

- [Interviewer] Has writing

made you a better actor?

- No.

[Interviewer] How do you stay focused

between all your creative projects?

- Guilt.

- [Interviewer] And

would you say to someone

struggling to get inspired?

- Take the pressure off

yourself. Go take nap.

- [Interviewer] What's the

last great novel you read?

- It's right here, in fact.

" One Is Talking About

This" by Patricia Lockwood.

- [Interviewer] What's the

last great memoir you read?

"The Ugly Cry" by Danielle Henderson.

- [Interviewer] Last great romance novel?

"Hershel and the Hanukkah

Goblins" Eric Kimmel.

- [Interviewer] Who's a writer

who's pieces you always read?

- Sally Wen Mao.

[Interviewer] Okay, Tavi.

What is your pitch for "Shark Tank"?

- Okay, it's a undertaking business

for actors called Last Looks.

It's not a lot of utility, but it's a pun.

- [Interviewer] saw

that you deleted Instagram

off of your phone.

What app would you say that

you use most instead?

- Venmo? Just judging people.

- [Interviewer] What does

a healthy relationship

with social look like?

- [Tavi] Throwing your phone in the ocean.

- [Interviewer] What's the most

overused on the internet?

- I.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the nicest compliment

youve ever received?

- my dog and I look alike.

And what have we here?

What a coincidence, wow.

- [Interviewer] going on here?

- This is a candle of my face

by the artist Janie Korn.

- [ ] Wow, it

does kind of resemble you.

Coffee or tea?

- Coffee.

- Saturday or Sunday?


- Favorite word?

- Laxative.

- [Interviewer] Favorite

Olivia Rodrigo song?

- "deja vu."

[Interviewer] What's the

best place to bring a friend

visiting New York for the first time ever?

The Roosevelt Island

Tramway has the cheapest view.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

your go-to karaoke song?

- "Light Candle"

from ",Rent," both parts.

- [Interviewer] So after "*%Gossip

Girl," what's next for you?

- Let's . Let's find out.

- [Interviewer] Okay.

What card are we gonna get here?

[gasps] And...

There's no way around that one, huh?

- [Interviewer] Oh, the death card.

And where are you ?

- Constance Billard.

- [Interviewer] Tavi, we did it.

That was question number 73. Were done.

- Ah!

- [Interviewer] Blow out that candle. Yep.

Ah, you got it. Thanks, Tavi.



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