Describe someone you admire – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2

1. Các biến thể của Topic “Describe someone you admire”

Đối với đề Describe someone you admire thì có những biến thể như sau:

  • (1) Describe your favorite singer;
  • (2) Describe a person who has interesting ideas;
  • (3) Describe an intelligent person;
  • (4) Describe someone you’d like to work or study with;

2. Dàn bài chung

Chúng ta sẽ học nói gộp đề bằng cách soạn 1 dàn bài chung cho tất cả những biến thể trên:

  • Singer: BTS hoặc một thành viên của BTS (dùng cho bài Describe a singer được)
  • When? Where – Biết được người này khi nào? thông qua đâu?
  • Why – Tại sao hâm mộ người này? Vì họ có nhiều ý tưởng độc đáo (dùng cho bài has interesting ideas), vì họ thông minh (dùng cho bài intelligent person)
  • Reason? Example? – Đưa ra những ví dụ dẫn chứng: ý tưởng độc đáo như thế nào? Họ thông minh như thế nào?
  • Kết lại bằng cách nói mong 1 ngày được làm việc cùng họ (dùng cho bài someone you’d like to work with)

3. Sample

I really enjoy listening to music, so I have a lot of favourite artists but the artist that I love the most is Jimin Park, who is a singer of a Korean boy band, BTS. He looks adorable in real life with short bright blonde hair and a tall slim build, which is elegant and energetic at the same time. He has the nickname “cutie, sexy, lovely” because he can pull off any style, from a cute, lovely boy to an attractive gentleman.

He always brings brilliant ideas to his performance so that he would be able to provide the fans with the best performance possible. Some of his interesting ideas include performing in an inflated bubble or wearing a blindfold while dancing on stage. He is my favourite member because he’s hard working and has a caring nature. He is gifted with an amazing musical intelligence and dance skill, which means he is sensitive to rhythm. For example, he can listen to a song and dance to every single beat of that song. Another thing is that he always cares for other people, he can feel others’ pain and comfort them, which I think is also a sign of emotional intelligence.With all the fame and money that he has, he never lets those things blind him and become greedy or selfish. He still dedicates himself to work and to the fan and I think that inspires others to do the same. After all, if I could have any dream now, I’d definitely like a chance to work by his side, maybe assisting him in learning English. Imagine all the things and inspiration I can learn from him. He could show me how to manage my time and find motivation to work hard like he does every day.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Elegant (adj): thanh lịch, tao nhã
  2. Energetic (adj): tràn đầy năng lượng
  3. To pull off something: thành công làm một việc khó
  4. Attractive (adj): thu hút
  5. Hard working (adj): làm việc chăm chỉ
  6. A caring nature (n): bản tính chăm sóc 
  7. To be gifted (v): có năng khiếu 
  8. Musical intelligence (n): trí thông minh âm nhạc
  9. Emotional intelligence (n): trí thông minh cảm xúc
  10. Greedy (adj): tham lam
  11. To dedicate oneself: cống hiến bản thân 
  12. To inspire (v): truyền cảm hứng


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