Describe your favorite brand or company – Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2

1. Các biến thể của Topic “Describe your favorite brand or company”

Đối với đề Describe your favorite brand or company thì có những biến thể như sau:

  • (1) Describe a big company that employs many people;
  • (2) Describe a large company you know;
  • (3) Describe a successful company you know;

2. Dàn bài chung

Chúng ta sẽ học nói gộp đề bằng cách soạn 1 dàn bài chung cho tất cả những biến thể trên:

  • What? – Đó là công ty nào?
  • When and How do you know about the company? – Bạn biết tới công ty đó từ khi nào? Thông qua đâu?
  • Why? – Tại sao bạn thích công ty đó?

3. Band 8 Sale

I don’t know much about big companies or brands, but according to my experience, I would choose Apple as my most favorite brand. 

Some people would say Apple is overrated but I enjoy using its products. It is a huge technology company that produces and offers a wide range of innovative and stylish-looking products, from mobile devices to personal computers.I think this organization currently employs about 30,000 workers and still continues to be a big job creating machine.

Before becoming a tech giant, Apple was only a small company but its founder, Steve Jobs, helped expand it into new areas, including the music industry, which I believe was a brilliant idea because almost everybody loves music. He also took the lead in marketing new products because he understood the market and the demand of customers.

I believe that besides the help of the founder, its dynamic and constantly changing business plans also help the company to become the trendsetter in mobile devices.Nowadays, almost everyone wants to own the latest Apple products, despite the high price. Moreover, because of customers’ demand, Apple has to enter markets in other countries in Europe, Africa and Asia; which opened up new job opportunities in technology and retail industry.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Overrated (adj): được đánh giá quá cao
  2. A wide range of sth: các loại hàng hóa của một mặt hàng, dịch vụ nào đó
  3. Innovative (adj): cách tân
  4. Stylish-looking (adj): trông thời thượng, hợp thời trang
  5. To employ (v): thuê nhân viên
  6. A tech giant (n): những tập đoàn công nghệ khổng lồ
  7. To expand (v): mở rộng
  8. Brilliant (adj): lỗi lạc, xuất sắc
  9. To take the lead in sth: dẫn dầu một việc gì đó
  10. Demand (n): nhu cầu
  11. Dynamic (adj): năng nổ, sôi nổi
  12. Constantly changing: luôn thay đổi
  13. A business plan: kế hoạch kinh doanh
  14. A trendsetter (n): người dẫn đầu xu hướng
  15. The latest product: món đồ mới nhất
  16. Technology industry: ngành công nghiệp công nghệ
  17. Retail industry: ngành công nghiệp bán lẻ


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