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- Hey.

- [Host] Hi.

- Come in.

- [Host] Thank you so much

for a 73 question

interview in to your busy schedule.

- Oh, it's all good.

- [Host] , cool, let's do this.

So what's keeping you busy these days?

- I'm just working out and

ready for Grammys.

- [Host] What's the most

exciting thing in life right now?

- Grammys.

[Host] What are you completely

bored of in life right now?

- Clickbait.

- [Host] What is

that recently moved you?

- The movie The Martian.

- [Host] Okay.

What do you have ' on over here?

- This is a room where

I write a lot of songs.

- [Host] piano.

How many guitars do you own?

- I lost track of that in probably 2007.

[Host] What's the first

song you learned to play

on the guitar?

- Kiss Me by Sixpence The Richer.

- [Host] What's the first thing

you do when you get an idea

for a ?

- I record a voice memo

of myself singing it

or I write it down in my .

- [Host] What's your songwriting process?

- Lots of preparation.

I write a lot of my

down before I get in to

the actual session.

- [Host] What song took you

the least of time

to write?

- Blank Space 'cause Id'

written a lot of the lines down

in the year preceding the session.

- [Host] Which one took you the longest?

- All Too 'cause its'

a really emotional song.

I kept putting it down for months on end.

- [Host] is this

the room where you keep

all of your awards?

- No, theyre kind of everywhere.

Do you wanna see the rest of the house?

- [Host] Yes.

- Amazing.

- [Host] , let's do it.

Who is your favorite teacher?

- My guitar player Paul

Sidoti teaches me a

on the road about piano and guitar.

- [Host] If you could teach

one subject in school,

what would it be?

- English.

- [Host] Okay, so youre'

a scrabble player.

- Yeah, a word you might know.

Check it out.

- [Host] Uh, yep.

Something tells me that's .

- Nope, that was spontaneous.

I'm a very spontaneous person.

- [Host] What's your favorite beverage?

- Coffee, would you like some?

- [Host] Let's see what you got.

- I have espresso, have regular coffee,

I have different flavors.

I have a VMA here.

You can't really take

, I don't think, but.

- [Host] You definitely can't drink it.

- Nah, you could stir with though.

- [Host] Actually, Ill have a water.

- Okay.

- [Host] Thank you very much.

What's your favorite cocktail?

- Vodka diet Coke.

- [Host] What's your favorite food?

- I , if were just saying like,

what I wish I could eat everyday

if calories didn't count,

is , chicken tenders.

- [Host] What would you

order at a drive through?

- Cheeseburger, fries, chocolate shake.

- [Host] What was the best

birthday cake youve ever had?

- It was from Milkbar.

It for my 25th

birthday and it was so good

that even Jay-Z raved about it.

- [Host] you very much.

What was the last thing you baked?

- A gluten free, dairy

free chocolate .

- [Host] What one thing do you

need to have in your fridge

at any given time?

- Hummus, weirdly.

- [Host] What's one thing you still have

from your childhood?

- My .

Do you wanna go outside and check out

the other situation?

- [Host] Let's check

out other situation.

What's your favorite TV show of all time?

- Friends.

- [Host] Favorite TV

that's currently on the air?

- Dateline.

- [Host] What is your favorite movie?

- Love, .

- [Host] What was a movie that

made you cry your eyes out?

- Oh my God, Martian.

- [Host] Why do you think

youre the most followed person

on Instagram?

- Because cats are adorable.

- [Host] So, have you

ever Googled yourself?

- Yeah.

- [Host] Taylor, do you

think when you Google yourself?

- I think,

you should never Google yourself again.

[Host] If you had a

superpower, what would it be?

- Healing people.

- [Host] If you not a

singer, what would you be doing?

- Might be in advertising.

Maybe like, coming up

slogans and concepts

is the same as hooks and songs.

- [Host] Well, this is

very lovely here.

- Thank you.

- [Host] Can you show me a

really cool or bizarre talent?

Okay, I'm well aware

that this is not a talent,

but this is the only thing that I do.

I have double jointed elbows, so.

- [Host] No.

Oh man.

- Yep. Theyre .

- Theyre a little bit weird.

- Yeah.

- [Host] What's something you can't do?

- can't do a cartwheel or a handstand.

- [Host] What's the best

compliment youve ever received?

- I'm generous.

- [Host] What is the best

gift youve ever received?

- My boyfriend planted

an tree in my yard

for Christmas.

- [Host] What's one habit

you wish you could break?

Well, when I'm sitting

there, usually I just do this

with my leg and people

think that I'm

and then they get nervous

and then everybody's nervous.

- [Host] Do you have any nicknames?

Yeah, my brother calls me taffy.

- [Host] What surprises

you most about people?

- I'm pleasantly by the fact

that I tell my friends

absolutely everything

and it never ends up getting out.

- [Host] What makes you

laugh no matter what?

- Kevin Hart.

- [Host] What does creativity to you?

- Creativity is getting inspiration

and having that lightning

bolt idea moment,

and then the hard

work ethic to sit down

at the desk and write it down.

- [Host] So found out Nicole

Kidman swam with sharks.

What's the most adventurous

thing youve done?

- Watching Shark .

- [Host] What's your

favorite lyrics of all time?

- "I had some dreams, they

were clouds my coffee,"

from Youre So Vain by Carly Simon.

- [Host] What's one song that

you wish had written?

- The Friends theme song

cause of those royalties.

- [Host] What's a great fan

that comes to mind?

- Ill be driving down

the street and Ill see

a kid walking the street

with my shirt on from my tour

and Ill just stop my

car and be like, ".*% .

"Nice shirt."

- [Host] Most memorable

career moment so far?

- I think filming the Bad video

was my favorite memory.

- [Host] What's one accomplishment

youre most proud of?

- My .

- [Host] What's something

youve always wanted to try

but youve been too scared to do?

Oh, Coachella.

- [Host] What's your spirit animal?

- A dolphin 'cause theyre very social.

They in groups.

- Hey Taylor.

- Oh hey.

- Hey, my wife and Is'

anniversary's comin' .

Where should I take her?

- Congratulations, and you

should take her to Big Sur.

Youre .

- [Host] It's freezing outside.

- [Taylor] Yeah it is.

- [Host] Alright, what advice

would give to anyone

who wants to become a singer?

- Get a good lawyer.

- [Host] pre-show rituals?

- Yeah, I stretch, I warm up my voice,

and then my band and dancers

I get in a huddle,

and it's just good vibes.

- [Host] What's the most

difficult song perform on stage

and why?

- There's a song I wrote

called The Best Day

that about my mom and

it's just hard to sing

'cause it makes me really emotional.

- [Host] , this is a

really great room you have.

- [Taylor] Thank you.

- [Host] And you have lot of cats.

- [Taylor] Yeah.

- [Host] How many cats are in this room?

- more than 10, and I

don't know if youre counting

the one that's alive down there.

- [ ] What?

There's a cat there, I see the kitty.

Alright, here's one for you.

If you a cat, would you

get along with your cats?

- Probably not.

They would probably not

think I'm cool.

- [Host] How many cat breeds

can you name in 10 seconds?

- When do start?

- [Host] Go.

- British Shorthair,

Scottish Fold, Himalayan,

Exotic Shorthair, Exotic Longhair,

Sphinx , Munchkin, Siamese,

Um, um, the, the.

- [Host] Times up.


What's the coolest thing this room?

- I can do so much better than that.

The coolest thing in this

room think is the fireplace.

- [Host] Nice.

If you could raid one womans'

closet, who would it ?

- Blake Lively.

- [Host] What's your favorite

fashion trend of all time?

- High waisted .

- [Host] Besides your phone and wallet,

what's a couple must have purse items?

- I this lavender

antibacterial hand spray

that I have and whenever me and my friends

are in a bathroom

and we have to wait in line

at the sink to wash our hands,

I'm like, " , check it out."

(spraying sounds)

And everybody's like, "Thanks girl."

- [Host] Can you tell me

youll be wearing

to this year's Met Gala?

- I'm going to be dressed as a robot

and I'm gonna carry a sword.

- [Host] Okay, so my little

cousin Julia wants to know

did you want to do

with your life at age five?

- When I was five, I knew

my dad was a stock broker

but I did not know what

a stock broker was,

yet walked around telling

people "'"I'm gonna be

"a stock broker when I grow up."

- [Host] What's one thing

you wish you knew at 19?

- If I could talk to my 19 year old ,

I'd just say, "Hey, you

know, youre gonna date

"just like a normal 20

something should be to,

"but youre going to be

a national lightning rod

"for slut shaming."

- [Host] What's you

will not be doing in 10 years?

- Something I will not

be doing in 10 years,

Ill be 36, I really hope

that I'm not stressed

about the idea of approaching 40.

I that aging is not something

that really freaks me out.

- [Host] What do you think is

most important life lesson

for someone to learn?

- That karma's real.

- [Host] Okay, what you

say in another language?

- I can count to 10 in German.

- [Host] Do it.

- Eins, zwei, drei, vier,

fnfü, sechs, sieben,

acht, neun, zehn.

- [Host] Go Taylor.

- you.

- [Host] Okay, I hate to break it to you,

but the interview is coming to end.

- Okay, well, Ill walk you to the door.

- [Host] Okay.

What did you most about

the town where you grew up in?

- I grew up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania,

and liked the fact that it had

a lot of historic buildings.

- [Host] What's the bravest

thing ever done?

- Writing the Apple Music letter.

- [Host] Most spontaneous

thing youve ever done?

Writing the Apple Music letter.

- [Host] What's one goal

youre determined to achieve

in your lifetime?

- I really want an

honorary doctorate degree

because Ed Sheeran has one

and I feel like he down

on me now 'cause I don't have one.

- [Host] Alright Taylor, we did it.

it is time for the final question.

- I'm gonna take you over

here first and let you .

- [Host] Okay, great.

What is your favorite scented candle?

- Byredo Treehouse.

That is .

- [Host] Oh my God, that's amazing.

- Thanks.

- I'm gonna go buy it

right .

- Bye.

- [Host] Thanks Taylor, see you later.



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