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Good morning, Vogue, it's Kendall.

This morning, we are at

the Michael Kors Show

and today I a really busy day

and you guys are going to be joining me

on all my adventures.

Should we go?

[heavy beat music]

This is our wonderful makeup

artist here today, Dick.

Oh, , [laughs] Im'

getting in your way.

Weve worked together a

good amount of times before.

He's seen probably at

all phases of my career.

- [Dick] All the phases! []*%laughs]

- I think were pretty simple glam

with a nice pop of a red lip, right?

- [Dick] Yeah.

Youre .

- Good?

- [Dick] Thank you.

- [Woman] Are those the show nails?

- Yeah.

[upbeat music]

[audience clapping]

[upbeat music]

I came to a point probably

like three years ago

where I was like,

I really just want to do things

that make me really happy.

And always wanted to be a model

and modeling did make me really happy,

but I came to point

where it was like really

destroying me mentally.

And I was exhausted.

I came to point where I was like,

I really wanna kind of

just like, sit back,

figure out what want to do, I guess,

with my life and just really make,

do things that make me happy.

Obviously, fashion is a part of my life

and I want to keep it there,

I think finding my

feet in other places

is also really exciting to me.

I have a of sisters who are all

really powerful females

and business women,

so I always looked up to

and especially my mom and even my grandma.

So, I always knew that it was

going to a step for me.

Ive always really liked Forward,

and when they came to

me with the ,

I just thought it would be super exciting.

A new role, a new space,

and a new for me

to be more creative and just

have fun with something.

We are here at the Do showroom.

I'm here to check things out for Forward.

Ive never met him before.

Ive he's really mysterious,

which I love. []*%chuckles]

Hi, I'm Kendall. How are you?

- [Peter] Peter. So to meet you.

- Good to meet you.

Thank you so much for

having us, this is .

- [Peter] Of course.

Well, come on in, I wanna show you around.

- Busy week?

- [Peter] Yeah, it's been a busy week.

- Yeah, I'm sure.

- [Peter] With the show

all the feedback.

- I'm like eyeballing these

coats right here. What?

Oh my gosh, I'm dying. need everything.

- [Peter] I was thinking about home.

I was thinking of a

time when I to make

pho with my dad growing up.

- Mhmm, mhmm.

- [Peter] There's just like much work,

takes a lot of patience.

- Yeah.

- [Peter] Building this brand,

and with collection,

it felt like that. Like Ive'

been simmering this broth

for like three years or something.

- Mhmm.

- [Peter] And I feel like

Ive edited down to sort of

the essence of

what Peter Do is about.

- That's amazing.

- And so, should we pull as a

set, , or does it matter?

- [Woman] Up to you, yeah.

- Yeah we might as well.

is just like, so good,

you could wear this a

million times everywhere.

This is such a , cool jean.

Now I'm being selfish, now I'm like,

I need to stop looking

for myself. []*%laughs]

[upbeat music]

- [Man] That's really nice.

- Can you help me? []*%laughs]

And then maybe guys.

Ha, I really like to shop.

- [Peter] []*%laughs]

- So cool

- [Peter] nice to meet you.

- Such a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you, thanks everyone, bye!

[ music]

[wind blowing]


We just came from Peter Do.

We had to do some for Forward.

That was my first duty in my Forward job.

I love modeling, but a

lot the time its',

you know, your someone else's vision,

so it's really cool to

be on this of it

and feel like I have

more control over things

that I can control.

So actually was completely my idea

Ive always loved tequila and

I didn't really see a tequila

for generation of people.

It's been literally the joy of my life.

I know that's like so corny,

like, it really has.

Ive learned so much, Im'

excited for the future.

I need to get this call.

Oh my God, my mom's blowing me up.

Get on this zoom.

It's classic, Kris Jenner.

- [Kris] There she is.

- Hey, I think I have like 10 minutes

I need to get out of the car

before this next situation.

- [Man] Okay. Well, one

the things we wanted

to follow up with you on is just

from the trip this week

to the distillery.

First and foremost, the team

down there was just like,

everybody is so excited so committed.

But separately, as youve'

been asking for it,

were going to put a date on calendar

to talk about Europe.

You know, Asia broadly

speaking, China specifically.

- Glorious. Glorious.

, what's going on with production?

I know that, do we have

more reposado coming in?

I know there was a truck.

Did it get through customs and stuff yet?

- [Man] Trucks that were

are now on the road

headed to their destinations.

- Wonderful news. Okay, great.

- [Kris] luck today, Ken.

- Thanks mom, love you. Bye guys.

Wow, it's hitting me ---- the tired.

[upbeat techno music]

We were at our Forward run arounds

doing pulls at some designers earlier

we went to the hotel,

I chilled for a sec, got my glam done,

and now we walking into Zero Bond

where our Forward dinner is.

I'm excited, some friends are here,

people haven't seen in a

while, so, itll be cute.

- [Photographers] Kendall, Kendall!

[upbeat techno music]

Thank you so much Vogue

for joining me today

at the Michael Kors

show, Peter Do's studio,

here at the Forward dinner,

I hope you enjoyed, see you soon.



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