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- Maybe a little creepy,

but my dad..

It's so cool,

he used to work at ,

so it's on his letterhead,

and it says,

"Kimberly, I cut your hair

on April 1988."

And there's my hair.

[classical music]

Hey Vogue, it's Kim.

Were here in my ,

once again.

A few things have been updated.

Ive like filled it up

with some amazing ,

and all my favorite things.

I can't wait to show you.

[classical music]

Were in family kitchen,

and everything in my

house is really minimal.

I find that there's so much chaos

out in the world

that when I come home,

I want it to be just really quiet,

and I want everything to feel calming.

It's like, I have the playroom,

filled with clutter.


one is pink,

one is purple,

one is blue,

one is dinosaurs.

It's like kid can have their

full style and taste in their bedroom,

and have so much fun,

in the main house,

I really like the calmness.

And shockingly,

four kids hasn't messed up cream house.

So, the first object of my affection

is my daughter Norths'

paintings and drawings.

a really, really good artist,

and she loves to paint.

She did this about two years ago.

She does like little paintings for me,

like this wolf.

She did do one of our bearded .

Recently, North stayed home and had COVID,

so this is her drawing

that she did in her .

It's a charcoal.

Maybe that was just her emo mood.

So I love seeing like the ,

and the moods,

and everything that she goes through,

and is feeling,

it's really been amazing hobby of hers.

So now were in the

sitting room to my bedroom.

It's really cozy.

It's like a place where

I love to just sit,

and have tea,

and write letters to kids.

And I make the most epic

baby books for them.

So I'm gonna show you guys.

Anyone knows me,

they know that I love to scrapbook,

so that my kids can have

most amazing memories.

This is Norths',

but I have 'em for each kid.

I have all their

little hospital details.

Ive written out,

you know, mom and dad's history.

Her first Vogue ,

everyone that visited her,

the sonograms,

what I ate the whole pregnancy.

My first trip the zoo.

We went to Arizona during

the Super Bowl time.

We went to the Santa Barbara .

I really wanted to archive these memories.

And it's just,

it's really, really cute.

So, know,

I have each kid has their own book,

pictures from all their baby showers,

to their birth announcement was.

So it's like so interesting.

Youll see, like emojis were

such a thing Saints',

and I announced him with emojis.

Snapchat was such a thing.

I guess I'd have do a

TikTok announcement these days.

And then I write,

you know, these long letters.

I a letter to each one

of my kids on their birthday.

And then I ask this series of

to each of my kids.

Questions like, describe yourself.

What are you thankful for?

What you happy?

What makes you sad or angry?

What's important to you?

Like really fun stuff.

And itll just be so

fun when theyre older.

You can see why I love to

archive all for my kids,

they have the best memories,

and Ill show you exactly

where I got it .

So my mom made this trunk for each of us.

It has every single birthday

until I'm years old.

Every birthday card that I

got from all of my friends,

and my grandparents,

my great-grandparents-.

Like this is my great-grandparents-,

my grandma MJ's mom and dad.

So it's really that I

just have all of these cards,

and all of these memories.

There's so many things here.

Like this would always sit on my bed,

I had a bunny room,

and my knitted this.

Where is my Minnie Mouse?

I'm gonna find my Minnie,

'cause Minnie was everything me.

Oh, my mom saved my favorite costume.

I wore this when I was four years old,

and I was obsessed with Minnie Mouse.

The pictures of me and my mom

dressed like Minnie

are so incredibly cute,

I still have '.*%em.

I could sit here all day,

but think we should move on

to some other things that I really love.

I wanna take you outside.

All right.

So now were in my backyard.

It's literally the most amazing place

the kids to really hang out,

and the basketball court, especially,

is where the kids love to .

You know, I didn't want your

typical basketball court.

I don't know if you can see

the of the ground,

but it's like spongy,

and I just wanted it really neutral.

All my equipment is black.

So the court is black,

the basketball hoops are black,

with like a little box and hoop,

I don't really know

what that part's called.

You know, I just wanted to look like it

matched my whole house.

And this is just like

when it's summertime,

the pools right here,

and the gym connected

to the basketball court,

music blasting,

and kids in the pool,

and me and my sisters are like

lunging up and down the basketball court.

There's nothing more fun

than a good workout day at my house.

And the other place out

that I really wanted to show you guys

is our meadow up there.

So if you up there,

youll see a huge vegetable garden,

so many trees.

And so we grow our

fruits and vegetables,

and we pick them,

and eat them just from there.

We do it is a family.

All of the cousins come over,

and we have little baskets,

and they see

how you really can like farm,

and eat it.

I love showing you guys

all my domestic things,

and all of the sentimental things,

and special things in my home.

But you guys know,

I'm a working woman,

so I have to go to work,

I have go to my office,

I gotta run,

but on the way out,

Ill show you guys

of my prized possessions.

[lively music]

Ive always been a car girl,

I love cars,

I really wanted something different.

I wanted my cars to kinda blend in.

I mean, my house gray,

and I wanted 'em to

kind of match the house.

So I did all gray cars,

instead of my typical matte

silver that I used to do.

I put out my three faves,

Lamborghini Urus,

which it has this kit on the front of it,

so it looks a little .

And my Rolls-Royce is great also,

it's a Ghost.

It has like the cutest

little crystal ,

and I just think that's so unique.

And then my favorite baby ever, ever, ever

is Maybach sedan.

I love everything about it.

I love painting like the emblem gray.

If I to pick one,

[whispers] that's my baby right there.

Thank you guys so much

for coming in my home,

to check out some of my favorite things.

Theyre my objects of affection,

now, Ive gotta go to work.

So, Ill see you guys soon.



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