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[Interviewer] Take

it easy, play it cool.

He's just a rock star, no big deal.

Liam Gallagher!

I am so happy to be

asking you 73 questions.

Ive waited for this for a long time.

Let's get into this.

So, how are you these days?

- I'm good, very good.

- [ ] All right,

what's currently on your mind?

- Ooh, Manchester City.

- [Interviewer] Yeah,

youre a City .

I'm glad were doing

this in Hampstead Heath.

It's a change of scenery for the series.

run here a lot, right?

- Yeah, I haven't run on

there for a bit, though,

'cause been tourin'.

But yeah, I like to

run on here when I can.

- [Interviewer] Do you

for distance or for speed?

- Distance.

- [Interviewer] If you

couldn't be Liam Gallagher,

who you want to be?

- John Lennon.

- [Interviewer] Out of every

film that youve ever seen

in your entire life, what's your favorite?

- Quadrophenia.

- [Interviewer] Do you

have any irrational fears,

like snakes, airplanes,

clowns, that type of thing?

- Mice.

- [Interviewer] What's the best present

ever gave you?

- My brother brought me

a John Lennon necklace

that he wore when he the maharishi.

And that was the last nicest

thing he ever done for me.

- [Interviewer] Do

have any kind of motto

or mantra that you live by?

- Live in the now.

, you know, dont'

worry about tomorrow.

- [Interviewer] Okay, what's a topic

you could spend hours upon

talking to me about?

- Ooh, the Beatles.

- [Interviewer] If I found you at a pub,

what would you be drinking?

- All of 'em, I like '*%em

all, lager, Guinness.

- [Interviewer] how

do you prepare your tea?

- I like it with milk, no sugar.

- [Interviewer] What

you say is your spirit animal?

- Dolphin.

- [Interviewer] Now, you

weren't always into music,

how did it bloom for you?

- I got into music when I was about 18.

I there's a lot of

people that get in it

when theyre two and that,

but I was football

until I was like 18,

so I was a latecomer.

- [Interviewer] Now, what

are your lyrics

of any song ever?

- I need to be myself,

I can't be no one else.

Feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic.

- [Interviewer] Now, can

you rank your favorite

Beatles records

least to most favorite?

- No, I cant', I love 'em all.

- [Interviewer] What are your

five favorite Oasis songs?

- "Live Forever," ","*%Supersonic,"

"Cast No Shadow--"--

- [Interviewer] Good ones so far.

- What else is there?

We need one more, don't I?

- [Interviewer] One more is fine.

- "."*%Wonderwall."

- [Interviewer] All right, there you go.

Now, a couple years back,

you said own 2,000 tambourines.

Do you still----

- Oh, did I?

Did I say that?

- Yeah, you !

- Nah, nah, nah----

- Pretty sure you did.

- No, I don't own 2,000 tambourines.

anymore. 'Cause I

said I'm givin' 'em away

and that sort of beautiful people.

- [Interviewer] Where

that rumor come from?

- I don't know.

- [Interviewer] All right.

Now, if you could a

supergroup with anybody

from the history of music

and youre the singer,

who else is in band?

- Right, Keith Moon on drums,

Jimi Hendrix on guitar,

and Paul McCartney on bass.

- [Interviewer] What

audience do you wanna play?

- Pardon?

- [Interviewer] What

audience would you play?

- What audience I would I play?

- [Interviewer] Yeah, what venue?

- Ooh, I thought, Main .

No, not Main Road, '*%cause

it's not right there.

Anywhere, anywhere that will have us.

- [ ] Liam, what would you say

is the single hardest part of

the rock and roll lifestyle?

- hardest part is

staying true to yourself

and keepin' it real.

- [Interviewer] Right.

Is there today you'd say

is a true, living rock star?

- Me.

- [Interviewer] Wasnt'

expecting anything less.

- Exactly.

- [Interviewer] And of

these living rock stars,

who got old and stayed cool?

Neil Young.

- [Interviewer] How do you think

youve changed rock and roll?

- How do think Ive'

changed rock and roll?

I just do exactly what it says on the tin.

- [ ] Yeah, but you would say

that rock and roll still exists?

- Yeah, it does while I'm here.

- [Interviewer] What do you like

and dislike about music today?

- What I do , dislike----

No, I like music, man.

I don't dislike.

I don't dislike it.

- [Interviewer] your favorite part

of performing on stage?

- Favorite part of performing on a stage

is ' the people

and makin' 'em bounce.

- [Interviewer] And when

youre standing on stage,

you have such iconic stance.

How did that come about?

- Well, I never wanted to be Mick Jagger,

I'm not into dancin'.

It's not my scene, and that,

so, I just think, you know,

just stand like that

and you get a bit more power behind it,

behind the vocals.

[Interviewer] What's the most

underrated band of the '90s?

- Oasis.

- [Interviewer] How about

the most band?

- Blur.

- [Interviewer] What your

favorite thing about the '90s?

- Oh, the favorite of the '90s,

I reckon it was no camera phones

and people were just livin' in the .

- [Interviewer] Do you miss that?

- Yeah.

- [Interviewer] What was

your least favorite thing

about the '90s?

- The least favorite thing about the '90s.

I don't have a least favorite

about the '90s,

the '90s were beautiful.

- [Interviewer] All right,

can't have this interview

without , what's the best party

youve ever been to in your life?

- Best party Ive ever been .

- [Interviewer] Oh,

youve seen some parties.

- I cant', I can't really

think of the best .

Yeah, thereve been quite

a few in that, right?

- [Interviewer] Theres'

gotta be one, right?

There has, I guess,

but I can't think of one

off the top of my head.

- [ ] That's okay.

But do you have any hangover remedies?

- Right, oh, straight back to the pub.

No messin' about, lager.

- [Interviewer] Yeah, hair of the dog.

- Don't sit and dwell

about on hangovers,

just go straight back again

and itll just work itself out.

- [Interviewer] It's

a few years since the '90s,

things are different.

What's a wild night

out for you these ?

- Oh, I don't have wild

nights out these days,

I have wild nights in.

- [ ] If you were

forced to sing one song

for the rest of your life,

what song would it ?

- "Live Forever."

- [Interviewer] What would

you say is the best lesson

that your mother you?

- To be myself and not give

a [bleep] what people think.

- [Interviewer] What's the lesson

that youve learned from being a father?

- Being a father----

Ooh, ooh, I don't about that,

I don't know, I'm sure, yeah.

- [Interviewer] Can you tell me something

that kids do better than you?

- Digest their food better than me.

- [Interviewer] Now,

there's been resurgence

in Oasis fans over the past few years.

What's it been like to

see a new

discovering your music for the first time?

- Yeah, no, it's amazing,

were lucky to be alive

and still witnessing

the youth at our gigs.

Right, there's a lot of

people that pass away

they never get to experience that.

- [Interviewer] In the 18

years that Oasis were together,

what moment makes

you the most emotional?

- I just think gettin'

a record deal, you know,

as as that kinda can sound,

and like weve done like

Knebworth and Main Road

and all that, think

gettin' a record deal

and goin' into the studio

and developing the songs,

and that was most

important thing for me.

- [Interviewer] Yeah, for sure.

What's your guilty pleasure?

- Ooh.

Guilty pleasure.


- [Interviewer] Has anyone ever left you

feeling completely starstruck?

- Yeah, Starr.

- [Interviewer] Ringo?

I could see that.

Seems like a pretty good

guy to hang with, right?

- Yeah, he's a dude.

He's my favorite.

- [Interviewer] When youre'

getting ready a show,

what's your pre-stage ritual?

- Pre-stage ritual.

I drink a lot of honey, lemon

apple cider vinegar.

- [Interviewer] That

actually sounds pleasant.

- Liam, heads up!

- [Interviewer] Obvious placement!

- Come on!

- [Interviewer] What a

wonderful display of footwork.

- Nice.

- [ ] Who is the

most rock and roll player

at Manchester City and why?

- Well, it used be

Mike Somerby in the '60s

and the '70s, 'cause he used to,

he never wore shin and that,

he rolled his socks down

and he got stuck in.

But these days, who would say it is now?

But maybe Sergio Aguero.

- [Interviewer] All right,

who'd you like to see

relegated from the Premier League?

- United, Manchester United.

- [Interviewer] Okay.

Who'd you rather be

on a deserted island with,

Mohamed Salah or Alexis Sanchez?

- Who?

- [Interviewer] Mohamed

Salah Alexis Sanchez?

- Oh God.

Alexis Sanchez.

- [Interviewer] Now, I

heard that Danny Boyle

found someone to play you in a movie.

Who's someone that you would

have not minded to play ?

- Who I do not mind playin' me?

- [Interviewer] Yep.

- I'm easy, man. Ive

got the haircut, right?

And the, you know, chat and that.

I'm cool with anyone.

- [ ] Bigger

question, who do you think

should play Noel in the movie?

- Oh, the little fella of Ant Dec.

Is it Dec?

- [Interviewer] Yeah, that's Dec.

Is there a topic wish people

would stop asking you about?

- Yeah, are you hot in that parka?

Yeah, am hot in it, shit hot.

- [Interviewer] Oh, we got some dogs.

Liam, would you consider

a dog person?

- I am, yeah.

- [Interviewer] What

rules do you try to follow

best you can to keep

everything in check?

- Just, my voice, when

it tells me to go bed,

it's very, it's loud, and that, like,

years ago, it used to very quiet.

I when I go to bed these days.

- [Interviewer] Right, how'd you describe

your personal style?

Big and baggy and authentic.

- [Interviewer] How do

you think it's evolved

over the past few ?

- It hasn't evolved, it's still

the same, keepin' it real.

- [Interviewer] Who was

or is style icon?

- George Allison was

cool, Paul Weller is cool,

The Stone Roses is always dressed .

And the Happy Mondays.

- [Interviewer] What's a wardrobe staple

every man should own?

- parka, without a doubt.

- [Interviewer] Youve'

had a lot of experiences

in your life, what would say

is the most incredible

thing that youve ever seen?

- Manchester City winnin' the league.

[Interviewer] What's the last

show that you binge watched?

- The last what?

- [Interviewer] The last

that you binge watched?

- I watched some of that, I

don't know the name of it,

watched it on Netflix

the other day I think

about this some lady who had an affair

two inmates, can't remember the name.

Find out for ya.

- [Interviewer] Get

back to me on one.

What's your most overused phrase?

- Ooh, overused phrase.

I'm mad for it.

- [ ] If you

could resurrect one person

from history and put

them in the world today,

who would be?

- John Lennon.

- [Interviewer] Why?

- Because he's the main man.

- [Interviewer] , can I

ask you, what makes you happy?

- What makes me happy?

Early mornings make me ,

and my children being alive.

- [Interviewer] When was the

last time that you cried?

- , the other day.

- [Interviewer] What made you cry?

- I stubbed me toe on a coffee .

- [Interviewer] Well,

looking back on your life,

is there anything that you

would have done differently?

- No, never.

Everything happens for a reason.

- [Interviewer] Is there

anything you regret saying?

Mad for it probably

about nine million times.

- [Interviewer] How do you

handle regret in general?

I don't regret, I don't regret much.

- [Interviewer] What would you

say is your greatest talent?


- [Interviewer] And

where do you see yourself

precisely 10 years from now?

- Thats', dunno, man.

- [Interviewer] No?

- Yeah, I dunno.

- [Interviewer] Liam,

that's question number 72,

and now for the final

question, question number 73.

How do you feel about

ending this interview

some word associations?

- Yeah, why not?

- [Interviewer] Here we go.

Number one, Keanu Reeves.

- Ooh.


Tall, dark, handsome.

- [Interviewer] SpongeBob.

- Legend.

- [Interviewer] Farmer's markets.

- Good for the soul.

- [Interviewer] Skinny jeans.

- Terrible.

- [Interviewer] And this interview.

- Ah, half decent.

- [Interviewer] [laughing] That's a wrap.

- [Liam] It's all right.

- [ ] That's it.

- [Liam] That's great, man.

- [Interviewer] Dude,

we did it, we did it.



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