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Hi, I'm Emma Chamberlain.

Were in New York City

preparing for the Met.

Come along with me the day.

[calm music]

So I just flew in to New

York from LA yesterday.

Yesterday rough, because

red-eyes in theory are great

and then it's like, you

show up and youre like,

" my God, I don't feel alive right now."

There was some morning turbulence,

but were ready to .

Were going to the Vogue table read today.

Naturally with anything that's exciting,

youre gonna feel little bit of nerves.

I think last year I was

in denial of my nerves.

I was , "No, you guys. I'm fine."

I think I was gas lighting myself

into thinking I was fine.

I was not, I was not.

But it's also like,

what doesn't kill you make

you makes stronger.

My mom always texts me

that Kelly Clarkson lyric

when I'm like having a hard time

and I'm like, "Mom, you knew

I needed that right now."

[calm music]

So my OOTD today,

we have this childrens'

leather jacket that I thrifted.

I mean, it fits really cute though.

I like, listen,

I'm not gonna fight it.

I don't care if it's a kid's jacket.

These are Eckhaus Latta pants,

I wear these all the time.

They fit just incredibly

and theyre very .

And then we have these boots,

these are just so cute

and then I just have gold jewelry,

and then I have my favorite watch.

This is actually kind of a precious story.

Last year at the Met,

I kind of wanted to get myself a gift

and I bought vintage Cartier watch.

And then fast forward to this year,

I'm going to the Met with Cartier

so, I think I accidentally manifested

something really, really amazing.

So, I recently did get a lot tattoos.

I don't know what's happening.


I don't know what Im'

going through or whatever,

but yeah, Ill show you

some of the highlights.

Theyre all on my arms.

I have a

I'm not really gonna

stray away from my arms,

but one of my favorites

is this stuffed bunny,

I had a stuffed bunny as

a child so that's him.

I definitely made it priority

to have the tattoos be meaningful,

because I felt that that

would prevent regret.

Whereas it's like a stylistic choice,

youre more like to be like,

well now that's not cool anymore.

Whereas all of these are very

personal and also very simple

so I felt like that was

a way to do it.

Those are my tattoos.

Ive actually, I feel like I

don't normally talk this

unless somebody asks,

so I promise you, I was asked.

I don't know how to

this type of clock,

but Ill look at it to

look smart for you guys.

Yeah, It's to go.

Right now, were going to the table read,

which is very exciting

because I get a little sneak peek

that no one else gets,

because I'm doing the interviews.

But it's very important

to do something like a

table read before the Met

because I wanna be on, you know,

who everybody I'm going

to be interviewing is.

As much as I'd like to

that I'm a pop culture dumpster of sorts,

I'm actually not, like it's funny,

like I feel like I'm like,

I know everything about everyone,

like I'm always up to date,

I know what's going on.

I'm actually not and I find

that out at these table reads.

In dream world, if I could

interview anybody I wanted,

it would have to be Paul

McCartney, of course.

Nothing puts me in a better mood,

than putting on Paul McCartney and Wings.

Any song, I even

care, their Christmas song,

they made a Christmas song.

That's gonna be my pump up song

for this year's Met is just the whole,

everything Paul McCartney

and Wings ever made,

including the song,

I don't care if it's the

wrong season for that.

The gilded age is the late

into the very early 1900s.

Ive actually done a

decent amount of research

on this year's ,

because I feel like last year

I was such like a deer in the headlights

when came to the Met.

But this year I was like, okay,

this is old hat, you know,

comfortable with this now

so I'm gonna really spend some time

making sure that my look fits theme.

Thank you so much.

- [Man] Is this who I think it is?

- Okay, Lively,

what do we wanna talk about?

Oh my God it's her 11th Met.

- [All] .

- And I think with like

pretty much everybody,

I always am like, you know,

asking about dress

and the process creating the dress

and so that's very like standard.

'Cause I think what, you know,

that's the main key point

where I'm like we gotta touch on that.

[All] Right.

- Feel good about that structure.

- [Man] Like this is her 11th Met too.

So like it's only gotten like

bigger and more elaborate,

so I feel like thats'

gonna be fun touch on.

- Yeah, like how do you keep it fresh?

- I think one fun question Blake,

could be good as far as like,

she clearly convinced him to do this.

This not his thing.

- [Emma] Yeah.

- So, like--

- [Emma] Okay, so the last

question be like,

did Blake make you come?

- [Man 2] He won't get annoyed with that?

[Man] Did you have a

say in being a co-chair-

at this year's Met, right?

Because I like Blake

was like, youre doing this.

- Yeah, did Blake force you to come?

[calm music]

Were done.

That was really, really great.

I feel like I'm ready and prepared

and now gonna go back to the room,

eat some lunch, discuss the look

and I'm excited.

I'm for lunch,

although I don't know what I'm having yet.

This is like the hardest

decision of day.

Hello Jared!

- Hey!


- This is my stylist,

Jared, and my bestie.

So today were just gonna be looking

through our Met deck, again.

Just kind of check up it and discuss.

Were looking at the outfit right now.

- So Louis Vuitton is focusing

on this year

and were using pieces

from their archives.

So we found this top

from 2016 that loved,

it felt very much like these girls.

So then we chop the black

and are doing skirt with it

and just kind of making it new.

- We love like kind of getting

with it, if you will,

and so I think it was

really fun to be like,

okay, are we gonna make this our own.

- Totally, like pushes us.

His designs and like what created,

- Yes.

- We make something new out of it.

- Totally.

- Everybody's .

- Everybody's creation.

It was very it, yeah.

I'm excited.

I'm excited.

It's a more complex of a look.

- Yeah.

- There was, I'm also

taking a lot more risks

in the glam department, right?

The hair, the makeup,

I think I'm willing to play

with that little bit more

and so that's exciting.

Speaking of that, we

have our glam deck up.

We have glam.

- I'm going platinum blonde.

[mimics explosion sound with mouth]

Again, Ive been before

but I really have this fantasy,

and I honestly always have,

of having a blonde bob

and I recently cut all my hair off

so I'm actually at a bob,

although it has already

actually kind of a good amount.

- It's too healthy.

- It's too healthy.

It's healthy that I'm like,

no, let's bleach it again.

Oh, the nails

- This is a good .

- This is a good part.

- So like a lot of Gilded age fashion

feels it's architecturally inspired.

So Emma has an amazing

nail tech who's coming

and she thought of the

of doing 3D molding

when we showed her this reference.

- I really like to pass it

to the people who are

professionals at this stuff.

And also include them in the process

than just telling them, like,

this is exactly what I

want, do it, that's it.

I like to be a

collaborative experience.

And I think that that's how the best stuff

gets created, as .

This is insane.

So beautiful.

- We have a lot more.

Let's do all of that.

- Bring it all in.

So I feel like the biggest

moment is this necklace

and it one of the

most intense but beautiful

pieces of jewelry Ive ever seen.

And this specific piece

this theme so well

because, you know, during the gilded age,

it was all about being extravagant,

and I mean, Ive never seen

a more extravagant necklace.

We also have this incredible Tiara

because kind of wanna feel

like a princess a little bit.

I mean, obviously, you

know, it ties into ,

that's great,

but I also would like

to feel like a princess

and this will do that.

I'm just so excited to

see it all together,

like it's just, 'cause we haven't seen

everything all together.

- It's been a lot of parts

- A lot of parts.

- putting the puzzle together now.

- It's kind of, I mean, it's not scary,

but it's like, don't know,

I mean you see something in your brain

it's never what you imagine.

So have no idea what it's gonna be

and that's exciting--

- And exhausting.

- And exhausting,

and I actually am exhausted.

So we have on our beautiful face mask,

it's hydrating I'm rubbing

the extra serum

all over my hands 'cause why not, right?

Like why waste it?

I to order some room service.

It's that time of the day.

I can't move my face right

because if I do the the

whole mask is gonna fall off.

Thank you guys for

hanging with me today.

I cannot wait for you

all to see my outfit.

I'm very, very excited,

a little bit nervous, but very excited.

Thank you Vogue for having me

on and Ill see you .



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