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[Interviewer] You know,

Bella, I have to say that

it's so cool to be able to ask

questions at a horse stable.

- How cool is this?

- [Interviewer] Its'... whoa!

We have that are--

- Good morning!

- [Interviewer] This is legit!

How often are you riding these days?

- Not as much as I used to.

- [Interviewer] And you

did this competitively.

- I for 10 years.

- [Interviewer] How many

competitions did you ride?

- Probably hundreds at this point.

- [Interviewer] When did you really

fall in love with the sport?

- I fell in love this sport

when I realized that horses

can be my best friend.

- [Interviewer] Can we go the horses?

- Yes please.

- [Interviewer] Let's go.

- Okay.

- [Interviewer] Where were you ?

- I was born in Washington DC..

- [Interviewer] And how often

do you go back home LA?

- I go back as much as I

can but it ends up being

every month so.

- [Interviewer] What would you say

is the biggest difference

between the coasts?

- Probably change

of pace or the weather.

- [Interviewer] Okay. What's the most

Californian thing about you?

Hi baby.

Probably how much I

love nature and animals.

- [Interviewer] Nice.

What's something that

jumps to mind when you

think of your childhood?

- Probably my horse, Lego.

- [Interviewer] horse named Lego...

- He actually looks just like this one.


- [Interviewer] What is

current obsession?

- My current obsession is chocolate.

I never really was big chocolate fan,

but I just... obsession came up.

- [Interviewer] What's something

everyone needs to read right now?

- needs to read

"Believe Me" by Yolanda Hadid.

- [Interviewer] What

goes through your mind

as youre photographed?

- Umm, be fierce, be fierce, be fierce.

But don't be too fierce,

because apparently

really freaks people out.

- [Interviewer] What are you often told

when people work with you?

I get told that people don't think

I'm as nice as I am and I guess

the bitch face

kind of throws them off.

- [Interviewer] Who do you

consider to be a mentor?

My mom is my mentor.

- [Interviewer] What qualities

of hers do you most admire?

- Her ethic and how strong she is.

- [Interviewer] Your Instagram handle

is a butterfly. Why is that?

- I think butterflies really represent me.

Growing up in my family,

my mother always kind of

that around us, so

I guess at this point,

I'm just the butterfly of our family.

- [ ] Is it

true that you enrolled

as a photography student

before you started modeling?

- It's true. never left

the house without my camera.

And then I went to school for photography

and film Parsons.

- [Interviewer] So why photography?

- Why photography?

I just love making art.

I lighting, I love holding a camera,

I love, you know, being

able to take a picture

and a time and place

and capture emotion.

- [Interviewer] Is there an image--


someone wants -

is there an image or artist

that sparked your passion?

- You know, Steven Meisel. Growing up,

I think all of his pictures from the '90s,

and I mean up until now hes'

such an photographer.

He actually made me love

photography and modeling.

- [Interviewer] And if you could sit down

with any of the masters,

who would it be for?

- Ooo, Annie Leibovitz.

- [Interviewer] What the bravest thing

that youve ever done?

- The bravest thing I ever

did was probably skydiving.

- [Interviewer] And we

have a little friend

at your 5 oclock'...

- Hello Olivia.

- [ ] I think

this is the first time

weve ever had a cameo -*%-

featuring a little goat.

This is Oliva.

- [Interviewer] Hi Olivia,

youre so sweet.

- She's a beautiful rescue goat

and were very happy she's alive.

- [Interviewer] Is there

anything more adorable

than this scene that '

looking at right now?

- Absolutely not.


- [Interviewer] Do you believe

in horoscopes or ?

- I believe in horoscopes a

little bit more than I should.

- [Interviewer] And what's your ?

- I'm a Libra.

- [Interviewer] What qualities

of that sign pertain to you?

- I probably that I want everybody

to be happy all the time

and also that I can never

a decision for myself.

- [Interviewer] And who

makes you laugh the hardest?

- My boyfriend.

[Interviewer] Who's the most

beautiful person you know?

- My boyfriend.

- [Interviewer] What makes

you feel most beautiful?

- What makes me feel the most beautiful?

Probably when I feel healthy

and confident myself.

- [Interviewer] What's the

best makeup trend right now?

- Contouring.

Peter Phillips actually

taught how to contour

only a few years ago, so thank you, Peter.

- [Interviewer] What would you

to yourself 10 years from now?

- 10 years from now, I--

excuse me, Olivia.

do you think youre going?

Youre gonna be on Vogue, baby!

Um, I think 10 years from

, I would tell myself,

"'"I'm very proud of you."

- [Interviewer] And what

would you say to

five years ago?

- Five years ago?

"Keep going."

- [Interviewer] Nice.

So, holiday is approaching,

what do you and the family have planned?

- Goodbye, Olivia.

For the holidays, '

doing absolutely nothing.

- [Interviewer] What are the

Hadid holiday traditions?

- We just like to all together

no matter where we are,

doesn't really matter.

We all have such busy

schedules these days

I think that it's just nice that

we can finally take time for ourselves.

Hello, beautiful.

- [Interviewer] Alright, Bella-- show us

how to feed this horse.


pretty hungry.

- [ ] And he's hungry too!

- I know, youre next,

youre next, youre next!

- [Interviewer] If you your family

did a Secret Santa, who would you hope

you would receive a gift from?

Absolutely Gigi.

- [Interviewer] Who's a

celebrity that youve met

that's made you the most star struck?

- Oh my gosh, Michelle Obama.

I love her so much. I think I was shaking

more anything in the world.

- [Interviewer] What TV show

should I have watched by now?

- I you watched Seinfeld.

Did you?

- [Interviewer] Yes.

- Okay good.

- [Interviewer] What's your favorite

guilty pleasure late night snack?

- Pizza Hut,


anything sweet. Honestly anything

I can my hands on at this point.

- [Interviewer] What's your favorite show

that youve walked in?

Favorite show Ive walked in...

probably closing Fendi

at the Trevi Fountain.

It was one I could forget.

- [Interviewer] Before what show

have you been the most nervous?

- Ooo, probably my Chanel show.

It was a big dream of mine, so

being able to walk that show was .

- [Interviewer] On

average, how many seconds

are you allowed between Victoria

Secret changes mid-show-?

- , I think we have like two minutes

but were pretty quick, so

30 seconds is all we need.

- [Interviewer] Okay. We

have baby horses here.

- Oh my gosh,

this is Rock Star.

[Interviewer] Hi, Rock Star.

- Hi beautiful.

- [Interviewer] Bella,

what do you consider

to be biggest career success?

- My biggest success is probably

my health and my mental state right now.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

something that will always

be in fashion no matter

how much time passes?

- think kindness will

always be in fashion.

You can have it!

Please take it.

- [Interviewer] Bella,

what are my chances I can...

- Do you want to feed him one?

- [Interviewer] ,

thought you would never ask.

Alright, this is me,

attempting to feed a baby...

this is me rejected

by a baby horse.

This is not working.

- He only wants my carrots.

[Interviewer] Is it true that

you hate getting your nails done?

- I absolutely hate it.

[Interviewer] Why do you

hate getting your nails done?

- Oh, actually-- Why?

Because it's a task me.

I would rather be doing things like this.

- [Interviewer] What's the

most important thing to ?

- Um, my family and my friends

are the most important things to me.

Hi, baby.

- [Interviewer] What's an emoji

that sums you up right now?

- An emoji.

Probably any of very mischievous ones.

- [Interviewer] Okay,

feeding time over and-- oh.

Outside of its stable we have

beautiful black horse...

- This is Coco.

And this is Chris!

- Hey Chris!

- all ready to go.

- How are you? Thank

you so much, thank you.

- [Interviewer] What

something that you wear,

without fail, every single day?

- Every single day? Probably my lip glow.

- [Interviewer] And looking

into your crystal ball,

tell me what the next big trend will be?

Next big trend? I don't know,

you should ask Vogue.

- [Interviewer] If there was a lip

named after you, what would you call it?

- Something that has to do

with butterflies I'm .

- [Interviewer] If you

could go back in time

and star in any film,

what film would be?

- Probably "Cruel Intentions."

- [Interviewer] Okay,

Bella-- mount that horse.

- Come on!

[Interviewer] And, nailed it.

You made that look easy.

- Goodness he wants to go home for .

- [Interviewer] What's the hardest thing

about the modeling industry?

- The hardest thing about

the industry

is probably getting respect from my peers.

- [Interviewer] And what advice

would you give entering modeling?

- I think there's a lot

of pretty girls out there,

so if you can't kind and work hard,

there's no reason to do it.

- [Interviewer] What's your

favorite dish your cooks?

- My favorite dish my mom cooks

is probably spaghetti bolognese

but it's the only she cooks.

- [Interviewer] Okay, what's the most

played track on your phone?

- Most played on my

phone is anything Etta Bond.

- [Interviewer] Okay.

If you had to give away

every of shoes

but three pairs, which

pairs would you keep?

- Probably my Doc

Martens, my Air 1's,

and my riding boots.

- [Interviewer] Okay. Travel questions.

Window or aisle seat?

- .

- [Interviewer] What's a cure for jet lag?

- Water.

- [Interviewer] In the past month ,

how many planes have you been on?

- I counted today. 17.

- [Interviewer] What?

[Interviewer] Whats'

the most interesting city

youve been to in the past two weeks?

- Singapore.

[Interviewer] Whats'

the longest youve gone

without sleeping because of work?

- Probably two days, but Im'

really, really good napper.

- [Interviewer] Okay, Bella. Best habit.

- I guess being kind.

- [ ] Worst habit?

- I guess being kind.

- [Interviewer] If you could switch lives

for a with anyone, who would it be?

- Um, I'm really happy

in my life right now.

- [ ] What movie can you watch

over and over again

without ever getting tired?

- "Mama Mia."

[Interviewer] Whats'

the most thought gift

youve ever received?

- Probably this bracelet.

I keep it me all the time.

- [Interviewer] Very nice.


- Hello, are you coughing?

- [ ] What's the

best gift youve ever given?

- I guess my love.

- [Interviewer] And whats'

your memory?

- My earliest memory is going

to the barn with my family.

And watching my little

collect crystals

on the floor and riding with my sister.

[horse snorts]

- [Interviewer] Bella,

let's this interview up

by you deciding what music you want

as we show you riding off into sunset.

- I would love some

emotional holiday music.

- [Interviewer] You got it.

- Yeah?

[Interviewer] Cue the music.

- Let's do it.

Thank you!

Good boy, Coco.



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