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Hey Vogue!

It's Olivia and today I am getting ready

for my very first Met.

So along, should it be fun.

[percussive music]

Getting my hair and

makeup ready for the Met.

are you guys thinking?

What's the vibe?

- Were just gonna give you

a nice little structured

eye with a hint of a punky energy.

- Fun.

- Something easy and cool.

- and classy, always the dream.

- And were gonna do like a snatched,

naughty, spiky, shiny,

sort of up do.

- I love that it's like a catsuit.

I think it's really fun

I'm not wearing a dress

to my first Met

and I just think it looks

like so and roll,

yet so sophisticated.

[percussive music]

I'm just a big fan of Saint Laurent.

think that their clothes

are so punk rock, yet feminine

and that's something that I

always like try achieve

in like my fashion sense

and just my style and everyday life.

So I think do that so well

and I just always think

were like pushing boundaries

and doing really cool ,

so I feel really lucky to get

to wear them to my first Met.

My nails too, have like

long shimmery purple nails.

I also never wear long nails

'cause you can't like

guitar with like

acrylic nails very well,

but when I do, I feel so fancy.

I after tonight

I want to have like a hamburger and fries.

I feel like that's what all girls do.

- Like a milkshake.

- Like a milkshake, yeah.

How do you say like pretty French?

[speaking in French]

Oh, look at you!

[speaking in French]

Look at these eyes.

[smooth music]

So I just finished

my makeup and hair.

Here it is.

Little eye ,

little spiky buns I can see in the mirror.

And now I am gonna go get changed.

[rock music]

I have five nails left on both hands.

So well see how long it takes

me to get back to zero.

Acrylic nails like aren't my thing.

It's just God's way of like,

not meant for you girl.

[rock music]


- Hot, hot, hot, hottie!


- All eyes on us.

- Anyway.


- Anyway.


[rock music]

- Now I have the full look on.


Look at me and my little,

little suit.

I'm super excited.

Were about to leave in like 20 minutes

and I got the ,

got some gel manicure going on

and yeah.

I'm so nervous.

[smooth music]

Going the Met now,

in the elevator to get in the car.

I have butterflies in my stomach.

[smooth music]

I feel like really cool,

like the coolest version

of myself in the cat suit.

I just feel really empowered and I think

that's what fashion should

be all the time hopefully.

[ music]



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