#13 IELTS Speaking part 1: Chủ đề Transport – Weather

IELTS Speaking Part 1 là phần dễ và nhẹ nhàng nhất trong IELTS Speaking. Để phần khởi động này thật thuận lợi thì chắc chắn bạn luyện tập thật kỹ các Topics. Dưới đây là 2 TOPICs đính kèm Question & Answers mẫu. Cùng học ngay nhé!

Chủ đề – Transport:

1. How did you get here today?

– I came by bike because it’s faster. It took me about 30 minutes to get here.

2. What is your favourite mode of transport?

– Plane is my most favorite type of transport because it’s safe, fast and comfortable. The security system in an airport is much safer than other types of transport. During the journey, I can watch movies while enjoying snack and I also want to try food from different airlines.

3. Do you ever use public transport?

– I always used public transport when I studied abroad because that was the most convenient and the cheapest way to get around. I could also enjoy the beautiful scenery and immersed myself in thoughts.

4. Do you like the transport system in your country?

– I would say it’s convenient but not the best option because some vehicles don’t have the best quality and buses are often overcrowded during rush hour.

5. What is the difference between taking a bus and taking a train?

– From my experience, a train is faster and more spacious and if we travel long distance, there are even trains with beds for us to sleep comfortably.

Lexical source:

  • Safe (adj): an toàn

  • Comfortable (adj): thoải mái

  • An airport (n): sân bay

  • A journey (n): cuộc hành trình

  • Convenient (adj): tiện lợi

  • Scenery (n): phong cảnh

  • To immersed oneself in thoughts: đắm chìm trong suy nghĩ

  • Vehicles (n): phương tiện di chuyển

  • Overcrowded (adj): chật cứng

  • Rush hour (n): giờ cao điểm

  • Spacious (adj): rộng rãi

Chủ đề – Weather:

1. What’s the weather like today?

– The weather is amazing today. Even though it’s summer, the heat is not too intense.

2. What’s your favourite weather?

– I like drizzly and cool weather, when I can bundle up in my room, watch movies and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. But I also enjoy some sunny days, when I can go out with my friends.

3. Do you like the weather in your country?

– I don’t particularly like the weather in the South because there are only 2 seasons, which are rainy and hot season, and I’m not big fan of humid or hot weather because I hate being sweaty.

4. Is the weather the same in all parts of your country?

– The weather in Vietnam can vary significantly from one region to another. For example, it’s often warm and humid in the South but it even snows in the mountainous area far North.

5. Does the weather ever affect the way you feel?

– Yes, it does indeed. Gloomy weather often makes me feel peaceful, but after a while, it put me in a bad mood. Warm and sunny weather gives me positive energy but I get exhausted eventually.

6. Does the weather in your country ever affect transportation?

– Yes, it does affect transportation, especially during rainy season when all the roads are clogged and traffic is often help up during rush hour. It could even cause accidents because of infrastructure issues.

Lexical source:

  • Heat (n): cái nhiệt

  • Intense (adj): dữ dội, mãnh liệt

  • Drizzly (adj): mưa phùn

  • To bundle up (v): cuộn mình lại

  • Humid (adj): ẩm

  • Sweaty (adj): đầy mồ hôi

  • Vary significantly: thay đổi đáng kể

  • Region (n): vùng

  • The mountainous area (n): khu vực núi

  • Gloomy weather (n): thời tiết âm u

  • Peaceful (adj): yên bình

  • Positive energy: năng lượng tích cực

  • Exhausted (adj): kiệt sức

  • To be clogged (v): bị bít kín

  • Be help up (v): bị đình trệ

  • Infrastructure (n): cơ sở hạ tầng

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By Engtalk team