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Cloze Test



[Interviewer] Hailey, hey.

- Hey.

- [Interviewer] Thank you so much

for fitting me into your to ask--

- 73 questions.

- [Interviewer] You know how this works.

Is it true I'm

you 17 hours and 19 minutes

before your first ever Vogue cover shoot?

- That's true.

[Interviewer] How does it feel?

- It feels amazing.

- [Interviewer] And Justins'

on the cover with .

- Yes he is.

- [Interviewer] Were you

texting Justin when I arrived?

- No, I actually ordering Postmates.

- [Interviewer] How

often do you guys text?

- Every day.

- [Interviewer] an emoji

you guys use 90% of the time?

- Uh, the red heart.

- [Interviewer] was the

first thing you thought of

when your alarm went off this morning?

- My Vogue shoot.

- [Interviewer] Hailey,

you must be so excited.

- Yes I am!

Let me show my outfit options.

- [Interviewer] Oooh, let's do it.

When do you usually wake up, anyway?

Around 9 or 10 am.

- [Interviewer] Do you dream?

- Sometimes.

- [Interviewer] What three

best describe you?

- Mmm, you tell me.

- [Interviewer] Those are three words.

If you solve a

mystery what would it be?

- The Shake Shack special sauce.

- [Interviewer] What

flavor ice cream is

the most underrated?

- Um, Rocky Road.

- [Interviewer] What's the

weirdest app your phone?

- Magic Piano.

- [Interviewer] Where

have you been lately?

- I have been home in Canada.

- [Interviewer] Ok. Can you sing

the Canadian national anthem?

- Oh, Canada.

That's all I know.

- [Interviewer] Youve certainly

been to a lot more places

than Canada. What's

your favorite place to go to?

- The Maldives.

- [Interviewer] I loved

hearing about the trip

you and Justin took to London.

What memory from that

trip stands out the most?

- It our first trip

as a married couple.

- [Interviewer] Can you give me any hints

about that youre gonna wear?

- I can't say much but I can say that

its', kinda like an color.

- [Interviewer] Ok.

And, besides the rain in Los Angeles,

what's the biggest surprise

that ever had?

- Getting engaged.

- [Interviewer] Can I see the ring?

Let's see.

Wow, is a beautiful ring.

Hailey, how did he propose to you?

- We were on a trip the Bahamas,

and we were alone in a

house, just the two of us.

It was very .

- [Interviewer] Did he

go the traditional route

by asking for permission from your dad?

- , he did.

- [Interviewer] What's his worst habit?

- He doesn't have any.

- [Interviewer] What you

admire the most about him?

- His heart for other people.

- [Interviewer] What's your definition

of a perfect date night?

- Staying in, ordering

food, and watching TV.

- [Interviewer] Hailey, what

you watching at the moment?

- "This is Us."

- [Interviewer] And, what show

would you to make a cameo in?

- "'"Grey's Anatomy."

- [Interviewer] Ok. You

have me entering your room

through a giant window.

- [Hailey] Yup.

- [Interviewer] Pretty non-traditional-.

- Come on in.

- you!

And, there's just a few

options to choose from here.

- [Hailey] Yeah.

- [Interviewer] , what are

you gonna wear for tomorrow?

- I'm not sure, but I am hoping

that it's one right here.

- [Interviewer] Nice, what

do you like about that one?

- I love the .

- [Interviewer] Cute.

What's one trend that

you'd wish would come back?

- Anklets.

- [ ] What's one

thing that youll never wear?

- Suspenders.

- [Interviewer] When do

you feel most beautiful?

- When Ive spent some time in the sun.

- [Interviewer] Is there an outfit

that youve photographed in

that you really, really regret wearing?

- Several.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

your favorite outfit

youve ever worn?

- Whatever ends up on the cover.

- [Interviewer] If you

could raid Justin's ,

what's the first item that

you'd absolutely take?

- I do that, and usually it's his socks.

- [Interviewer] What would you throw away?

- Nothing. Because I

think he has great style.

- [ ] Who is

your celebrity look-alike-?

- I would like to believe

that it's Margot Robbie

but I that thats'

actually not the truth.

[doorbell ringing]

Come in!

Oh! My Postmates!

- Perfect .

- Thank you.

- [Interviewer] Hailey, what

role would you play in a movie?

- A Charlie's .

- [Interviewer] Whats'

your guilty pleasure?

- Shake Shack.

- [Interviewer] What words do you live ?

- We wouldn't appreciate the good days

without some bad ones.

- [Interviewer] In your

journey balancing fame

and work and personal

life, where are you now?

- In the best place Ive been.

- [Interviewer] Thats'

really great to hear.

- Thank you.

- [Interviewer] Alright!

And your was Brazilian,

is that correct?

- That's true.

- [Interviewer] How's your Portuguese?

- Not . Not great.

- [Interviewer] What's your

favorite Portuguese saying?

- Oi, como vai você?

- [Interviewer] your

dad is Stephen Baldwin

meaning Alec Baldwin is your uncle.

- Yeah?

- [Interviewer] That's a question,

I just think it's really cool.

- Gotcha.

- [Interviewer] Who do

you ask advice first,

Uncle Alec or your dad?

- My dad. Always.

- [Interviewer] And,

what's the advice

you received from your dad?

- We wouldn't appreciate the good days

without some bad .

- [Interviewer] Very wise words.

- Drink?

- Thank you.

Ok, I'm gonna try this little

that I saw when you were on Fallon.

- Ah, ok.

- [Interviewer] And here goes...

- Oh!

- Oh, man. Alright.

And - failed. Sorry,

That was embarrassing.

- Let show you how it's done.

- [Interviewer] Ok.

- Actually, on second thought,

I'm just gonna it the traditional way.

- [Interviewer] Ok, back to the questions.

Now Hailey, I read you spent

childhood dancing -*%-

thank you very much -*%-

and you were actually

destined to be a

professional dancer.

- This is true.

- [Interviewer] What happened?

- I quit and decided to try .

- [Interviewer] How

often do you still dance?

- Not as often as I'd like.

- [ ] Do you ever think about

if you went down that path?

- I do think about it.

I think about what might be different

or if I would be happier.

- [Interviewer] Yeah. And

you think you'd be happier?

- Ill never know.

- [Interviewer] You know,

one thing I, wait...

what is that? Rollerskates?

- Oh. Those are my skate night shoes.

- [Interviewer] Huh.

When you learn how to skate?

- I'm actually still learning.

- [Interviewer] Ah, ok.

What's one youve'

always wanted to learn?

- To speak fluent Portuguese.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

something you really wanna

but you haven't had the guts yet?

- Skydiving.

- [Interviewer] Ooh, that's a good one.

Never say never.

- It's true.

- When have you

been the most starstruck?

- I think Ive ever

really been starstruck

but Ive definitely been

taken back by people's beauty.

One of people was Margot Robbie,

and also Gisele. She's also really nice.

- [Interviewer] She is

an incredible .

What's your ultimate goal in life?

- To have a family of my own.

- [Interviewer] are you

frightened of ever losing?

- My engagement ring.

- [Interviewer] How much

of your day dedicated

to wedding planning right now?

- Not a lot which reminds me that

I should get on top of it.

- [Interviewer] You probably should.

- Yeah.

- [Interviewer] Do you

Justin sing together?

- Sometimes.

- [Interviewer] Can you give

me a clue on a secret place

you guys go to avoid paparazzi?

- Well if I told you then it

wouldn't be a secret .

- [Interviewer] What are

your conversations like

with paparazzi, anyway?

- I usually don't talk but

try to be as kind as possible.

- [Interviewer] That's nice.

Are there fans that don't ask

for a selfie when they approach you?

- Sometimes.

I actually really appreciate

when people come up

and wanna just have a conversation.

- [Interviewer] And what was a big moment

for you in career?

- Hosting the I-Heart Radio Music Awards.

- [Interviewer] Best

supermodel of all time?

- .

- [Interviewer] Best

Vogue cover of all time?

- Anything with Gisele.

- [Interviewer] Who would love

to walk a runway show for?

- Louis Vuitton.

- [Interviewer] What theme

song is for the runway?

- Anything Kanye.

- [Interviewer] Whats'

the most awkward situation

that youve ever in?

- Well, short, funny story.

I was at a restaurant in LA one time

and thought I spotted a friend

of mine at a dinner table.

So, I awkwardly approached,

got really to the table

and then realized it wasn't my friend

and then, I ended up realizing it

a dinner between Ciara and

her husband, Russell Wilson,

and, I kinda bum rushed it

very weirdly uncomfortably.

- [Interviewer] Oh no.

- So if theyre watching this, I'm sorry.

- [Interviewer] What

you regret spending

too much or too little on?

- Too much on clothes and

too little other people.

- [Interviewer] What

motivates you every day?

- My family.

- [Interviewer] What negative

has made you

come out for the better?

- The first time I ever

experienced heartbreak.

[Interviewer] What is your

career high point to date?

- This.

- [Interviewer] Oh, so youre really

enjoying these questions, huh?

- Well, I was talking about

the Vogue fitting, but

yeah, you too.

That's cold.

[doorbell ringing]

- Come in.

- The Diors are here.

- The dresses coming!

- Woo hoo!

So pretty! Yes!

- [Interviewer] Well,

this is perfect timing

because were question number 73.

Last one -*%-

Hailey, I wove a bunch of your husbands'

song titles the interview...

did you catch them all?

- What do you mean?

- [Interviewer] Oooo.


Bye Hailey.

- [Hailey] See ya!



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